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6 Things your PM0 should do for you


During the pandemic, some PMOs are thriving whilst others are exposing flaws and weaknesses. Here are the six things that separate them.

Evolution of the PMO


The PMO at its conception had a very simple purpose, one that remains as true today as it did back then. Over the PMO’s history, has the world lost sight of it?


This is the controversial conclusion reached by author Catherine Hayes in her recently released book, Transition Leadership, Navigating the Complexities of Change. For many in

Interim Management in a time of COVID-19

For many commentators COVID-19 has not changed the future, it has simply brought it forward. Surpassing trend predictions are remote working, online collaboration and process

Conflicting Standards

As an operational leader in the NHS, I would want to change the number of opposing constitutional standards.

Good Governance

It would be to make governance more consistent. To my mind, governance should be like a game of premier league football…

Remove the Political Reigns

I’d love for the NHS to be removed from political change. I know this is a Nirvana-like state but we can all dream.

Embed Collaboration

It would be to ensure collaboration and cooperation are embedded into every aspect of the NHS. I have seen first-hand, the power that collaboration has in delivering sustainable high quality services.

Simplify Before Adding

It would be that out-of-hospital services, provided by a combination of acute hospitals, community health & social care organisations and the voluntary sector, are frequently disconnected.

Art of the Possible

Whenever I support an organisation with the development of their savings programme…

Aligning Incentives

I would change the financial incentives so that all organisations are rewarded for the achievement of patient-determined outcomes….

Dynamic Usage

The amount of NHS footprint that goes unused on a routine basis borders on the criminal and needs to change…

Demand Management

We’ve been talking about integrating health and social care for many years now – and yet evidence of meaningful progress is rarely seen.

Money is not the answer

The obvious ‘one thing’ that most would choose would be more money! But I am convinced that would not be the solution and would actually compound the already lopsided current system.

Curing Prevention

I’d restore ‘Prevention of ill-health’ as a key priority for the NHS. One of the less controversial aspects of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 reforms at the time, was the transfer of public health commissioning from the NHS to local authorities.

IR35 – What it means for Clients

The Off-Payroll Rules/IR35 is not new tax legislation.  Rules have been in place since 2000.  However, changes to these rules were implemented in the Public

IR35 – What it means for Interims

The Off-Payroll Rules/IR35 is not new tax legislation.  Rules have been in place since 2000.  However, changes to these rules were implemented in the Public

Psychological Intervention

We invest billions every year in pills, potions, treatments and surgery and yet we invest little in psychological support. And I don’t mean counselling – I mean psychological support delivered by highly – skilled clinicians.

The changing world of pharmaceuticals

The world of Pharma is undergoing significant change. “Big volume is now generic. To add value, you need to actually have a different proposition rather

The Primacy of Primary

For three decades our health and care policies vacillated between three competing needs, with the third priority having an increasingly dominant run.

Unnecessary Variation

About the NHS it would be its lack of consistency. I spend time in a lot of different organisations and there are significant variations in practice that can mean less than optimal clinical care for patients, as well as additional unnecessary expens

Long Term Planning

Apart from the obvious wish for enhanced funding to arrive, the greatest limitation I have found with the NHS is the inability to plan service delivery (and thereby cost savings) over a long period.

Practicus’s support for BALM

When the leading Business Architect for Lloyd’s of London, Neil Williams engaged Practicus, his ambition was to resurrect an initiative that had previously struggled to

Sustainable Leadership

It would be the approach to recruitment, retention and development of leaders and leadership teams at all levels of the NHS.

QI Training

After training over a thousand leads and clinical staff in the use of Quality Improvement (QI) tools, I am passionate about skills and capability building for NHS staff. If we always do what we have done, we will get the same results.

Restructuring Funding

Having spent over 12 years in the NHS in a variety of consulting roles – mainly focused on transformation and turnaround challenges – I have seen huge change. Some of this has been progressive but unfortunately, a lot has been unsuccessful, failing to deliver both sustainable benefits for patients and staff, or efficiency gains and financial improvement.

Community Testimonial

Mark Chapman, CEO at Alliance Medical Group talks to us about the benefits of being part of the Practicus Community and how it can be

Stuck at the Border

It would be around the “connectivity of care” and effective seamless “handovers” – or dare I say it, have no “handovers” at all!
t is widely known that with every “hand off” at least 1-2 days delay are inbuilt into the patients journey – which can lead to more mistakes, confusion around who has done what already, deterioration of the patient, re-reviewing patients and Community out of-hospital staff having difficulty locating and receiving patients.

Roundtable Discussion: Sustainable Change within the NHS

The purpose of this roundtable discussion was to ask senior NHS leaders, including COOs, CFOs, CEO’s and Turnaround Directors their thoughts and innovative suggestions on how we can deliver and maintain sustainable change within the healthcare sector.

High-End Assurance

The NHS is steeped in history and tradition, and has a strong surrounding infrastructure to support regulatory compliance, but sometimes this can lead to compartmentalisation of roles. I would change the way we think about clinical governance and how it sometimes gets separated out from operational and financial activity.

Personal Responsibility

The value and place of the NHS is not in question, nor is its contribution to the quality of all our lives. But something needs to change if policies on personal responsibility are to embed more widely

Breaking down Barriers

f I could change one thing (politics aside) it would be to take a sledge hammer and open the whole lot up, take away the barriers, share information openly and work as a truly single organisation, only then will we be able to get to the root cause of our problems and solve them together.

HR High Tea: Reward Strategy – Achieving more with Less

On Tuesday 9th April, we ran our ‘HR High Tea: Reward Strategy – Achieving more with Less’ event at Albert’s- Beaufort House in Chelsea to discuss ways companies can do more for less in the HR reward space. The session was led by Nik Butcher from Chuangyi Group.

Integrated Talent Management

It would be for evolving health and care systems to have available the workforce they really require. Fundamentally, we are in a place where the services that are there to support the health and care needs of individuals, do not have the key individuals they need to do so. For several years now, it has been well-recognised that professionals in key disciplines are in desperately short supply.

Managing at Scale

It would be with management structures. The great companies have one thing in common: a world-class management system. One that cascades from top to bottom of the organisation, allowing management of their business at all levels and a clear line of sight from board to shop floor.

Standardisation of Funding

’d use the average income per specialty information to achieve standardisation of funding to providers across the NHS. National data exists or can be generated that would provide a basis for comparison to a peer group of similar providers at a specialty level.

NHS ‘What If…” Report

When the NHS celebrated its 70th Birthday in 2018, the government announced £20bn a year in extra funding by 2023. As NHS leaders announced their

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Outpatients Improvement

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