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With Tony Cassin-Scott + Barry Panayi

The Data Files explores the rapidly evolving world of data, information and people.

A light-hearted limited series hosted by Barry Panayi (Chief Data Officer at John Lewis Partnership) and Tony Cassin-Scott (ex-CIO & CDO, now Advisor). They chat with some of the minds responsible for the past, present and future of the development of the data space and explore what’s worked, what’s not worked, and what the future might hold – both for organisations and for the data profession itself.


Season 2

The Data Files is back! This series we shift our focus away from data leaders, to commercial leaders.

We learn what businesses really want from their data functions and how Board and Executive leadership teams can, and should, be driving this capability, what questions to ask, how to structure your teams, what skills your Board needs and explore the importance of story-telling.

With the now traditional mix of laughter, controversy, and pin-point insight into today’s organisational challenges, you’ll hear from our esteemed guests; Priya Guha MBE, Kate Holden, Phil Baty and Jo Holdaway, as Barry Panayi and Tony Cassin-Scott return to the mic as our hosts.

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Episode 1:

In this episode we hear from Kate Holden and Priya Guha MBE about how organisations can be more competitive, what we can learn from start-ups, the Board’s responsibility on data, and at what point we no longer need the Chief Data Officer (much to Barry’s dismay!).

Priya and Kate have decades of experience in executive and non-exec positions across a range of industries, stat-ups, FTSE listed businesses and government.

data files podcast episode 2 cover

Episode 2:

As non-data leaders who now run very successful data capabilities, Jo and Phil provide invaluable insight into how to build and develop effective, game-changing data functions. They explain how data has fundamentally shifted the ability of some businesses to future-proof, achieve profitable growth, and protect brand trust in the age of misinformation.

This is a relevant and fascinating insight into career development, skills, story-telling, leadership and commercial success.

Full episode and transcript


Season 1

Data files episode 1 cover
Episode 1:
Welcome to The Data Files! 5 years ago we sat down with Barry Panayi and Tony Cassin-Scott to discuss the future of the data world and rise of the Chief Data Officer. 5 years on we revisit some of those predictions and see how the space has evolved.
data files podcast episode 2 cover

Episode 2:

Barry and Tony are joined by Rachel Purchase (Head of Data Product, Insights and Data Science at Admiral). We discuss some of the ‘myths & legends’ that have surrounded the data profession and what the reality is like for most businesses.

Full episode and transcript

the data files episode 3 podcast

Episode 3:

Lydia Collett (Data & Insight Product Lead at John Lewis Partnership) joins Barry and Tony to discuss the growth of data products. What are they? How do businesses use them? How will product and data combine in the future?

Full episode and transcript

the data files podcast episode 4

Episode 4:

Barry and Tony delve into the world of leadership with Steve Green (Executive Director & Head of EMEA Data Office at SMBC). They explore what makes a good data leader, whether data leaders are any different to other leaders and how communication is vital to success.

Full episode and transcript

the data files podcast episode 5

Episode 5:

The role of the CDO and impact of getting the right leadership for the right job. Helen Crooks (NED & Chair, Transforming Digital Advisory Board at the Parliamentary Digital Service) joins Barry and Tony and makes them re-think some things by offering her experience of seeing the space evolve over the last 40 years.

Full episode and transcript

the data files podcast episode 6

Episode 6:

Data veteran and multiple CDO, Brian Price, joins Barry and Tony to chat through what he’s seen work, not work and change over the last two decades of businesses and people working with data.  

Full episode and transcript

the data files podcast episode 7

Episode 7:

Strategy, leadership, team structures, collaboration, culture; you name it, Barry, Tony and Pete Williams (Director of Data at Penguin Random House) discussed it! A blueprint on how to maximise the impact of data and data teams.

Full episode and transcript

the data files podcast episode 8

Episode 8:

Roshan Awatar (Group Director, Data & Analytics at Sky) joins Barry and Tony to de-bunk the myth that ethics and governance are boring and restrictive. A refreshing breath of honesty and reality help shine a light on the opportunities available when you re-frame your thinking.

Full episode and transcript

Data Files podcast cover

Episode 9:

All good things must come to an end. After a series of brilliant guests sharing their insights and experience, Tony and Barry recap what’s been uncovered and put their necks on the line by making some new predictions for the next 5 years.

Full episode and transcript

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