Data Navigator

Data Navigator

Detailed recommendations on your data capabilities
and their future direction

Gain a detailed diagnostic of your data capabilities – with bespoke recommendations tailored to your organisation and its future strategy.

• Maximising use of data for business needs

• Aligning data disciples to business objectives 

• Supporting the business in decision-making, efficiency and value generation

"Trusted data - driving sound insights - powering business decisions"

What is the data navigator?

A comprehensive diagnostic of your data capability that provides detailed recommendations and actions tailored to your business strategy

Unlike other industry-benchmarking diagnostics, which compare you to what other organisations are doing, our approach takes a baseline from what you want to achieve and creates a gap analysis to your future – supported by detailed recommendations and blueprint for your data strategy

• Value-based approach
• Aligns the data strategy to business objectives
• Identifies key data strategy components

what does it include?

Maximise the use of data in your organisation for your business strategy.

Enable better decision-making and value generation.

five lenses data diagnostic

  • Baseline evaluation
  • Target state evaluation
  • Gap analysis

Navigator - action plan

  • Blueprint for your data strategy
  • Detailed ‘actionable’ recommendations to close the gap and align your data capabilities with your business strategy

Five lenses Diagnostic

Data culture

Data culture

To build a data culture, organisations have to let the data talk for itself. Do colleagues make decisions based on existing data and results or do they lean on subjective experience and received wisdom? What is the culture and behaviours around decision making? 

Data analytics 2

Data analytics

Data analytics is about both technologies and techniques. What is the investment in tools, are they serviceable for your purposes  and how well do your colleagues understand how to use them? Can they correctly find trends in data sets and draw conclusions about the information they contain? Is there potential for greater value in line with your business goals?  Do all the right people have access?

AI Cognitive Analytics

AI + Cognitive analytics

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day – and 90% of all data created in the last two years – most organisations need more than human eyes on analytics. Is AI and cognitive analytics helping you find the trends and threats that human beings cannot? Is it being used for the right kinds of data tasks? 

data governance

Data governance

Data governance is not just about regulatory compliance – important though that is. It’s also about your capability to ensure that high quality exists throughout the complete lifecycle of the data, and data controls are implemented that support business objectives. In short, is the data available? Is it consistent? Does it have integrity? Is it secure? Does it meet standard? 

Data management

Data Management

Is it managed effectively throughout the organisation? Where are the opportunities for improvement? What are the greatest risks? Where is poor data management negatively effecting other areas?

Gap Analysis

Data Maturity Curve

Data navigator gap analysis diagram

To put the findings in context, we determine the status of your organisation on a data maturty curve.

“Our approach takes a baseline from what you want to achieve for your business strategy, and creates a gap analysis to your future – supported by detailed recommendations and blueprint for your data strategy.”

Navigator Action plan

Supercharge your data strategy - blueprint

We provide detailed recommendations that will enable you to improve your data capabilities and supercharge your business strategy. 

value potential
Value potential

Identification and assessment of the data linked to business objectives

Business objectives
• Commercial, regulatory, strategic outcomes

Supporting initiatives
• Projects and programmes aligned to delivering the key business goals

Data Drivers
• Existing and new data sets that are core to the delivery of key

Value chains
• Linkage between data sets and key initiatives

• Current and future state of data requirements

value realisation
Value realisation

Utilisation of data to deliver value

Business outcomes
• Delivery of business objectives

Use of data science and analytics
• Methods and techniques to deliver additional actionable insights and
provide market research through exploratory analysis

Insight presentation
• Story telling through visualisation

Actionable insight
• What can be implemented to realise value

New products/services
• Monetisation of data and information exchange

management enablement
Management enablement

Data governance, management, privacy needs, organisation and skills

Organisational structure
• Structure of the data organisation, internal and external

Ways of working
• Business Architecture driven activities that deliver data related solutions & services and data literacy initiatives to improve the
organisation’s ”know how”

Data Governance & Privacy
• Ownership, structure, accountabilities, policies, rules

Data Management
• Quality, Formats, Provenance, Security, Master Data Management

Data Science
• Analytics, Cognitive science

Data brokerage and acquisition
• Data acquisition and information exchange

technical enablement
Technical enablement

Business operating model, data model, supported by technology, tools and capabilities

Enterprise Architecture
• Enabling the delivery of value through having a well defined strategy and clear implantation goals for Business Architecture, Data Architecture, data systems, and the supporting technical infrastructure

Application landscape
• Existing and future tool sets and environments driving Value Realisation

Infrastructure roadmap
• Current and future data related technology needs driven by business focused data needs

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