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A full suite of change solutions to reduce risk and accelerate your agenda:

• Tried and tested solutions from industry tailored to your particular circumstances

• Close collaboration with you and your teams

• Always the ‘A’ team – the capability and subject matter expertise to make a difference 

• Flexible staffing  as your needs change during the engagement

• Long-term partnership with handover of IP and knowledge transfer to your teams 


Popular client solutions available off the shelf.

Flexible, cost-efficient + high value

• Inject portfolio expertise and tools to optimise value of PMO outputs

• Support the regular ‘heartbeat activities’ of the portfolio

• Measures that drive focus on successful outcomes and continuous improvement

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An assessment of your PMO is a catalyst for improved delivery

• Current position measured against targets

• Leadership priorities and PMO output alignment score

• Evaluation Tools + Templates

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Ensuring true strategic value from your project portfolio

A framework for consolidating and prioritising your project portfolio tailored to your strategy that places managing value at its core.

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The talent you have been looking for

Use our highly-rated resourcing services to augment your PMO and projects and find talent for permanent posts.

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Realise the full potential of your leadership team with projects and programmes

Combining one-to-one time with facilitated group sessions to engage and challenge executive-level thinking and practices relating to Change leadership.

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Data Navigator

Detailed recommendations on your data capabilities and their future direction

Benchmarking, diagnostic and bespoke recommendations tailored to the situation on the ground in your organisation and its future strategy.

• Maximising use of data for business needs

• Aligning data disciplines to business objectives

• Supporting the business in decision-making, efficiency and value generation

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Data community

Advice on your data strategy and capabilities free from cost.

Gain immediate practical help with the data business problem or challenge you are currently grappling with.

Driving better data capabilities for decision-making is a fast moving field. Everyone needs a bit of advice now and then – even the highly experienced.

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Capability realisation

Expert teams to improve your data capability

• Delivery of statements of work and discrete work packages

• Small, expert teams that will be agile around your priorities

• A true partnership mindset dedicated to supporting delivery

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Data Resourcing

The talent you need to succeed

Use our highly-rated resourcing services to build your data capability and reach your business ambitions.

• Leading provider of data talent

• Interim and permanent resource

• World-class customer satisfaction score

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Perform Enterprise

The ultimate PPM software solution

• Enable portfolio efficiencies at pace

• Delight the exec and improve leadership

• Transform project and portfolio meeting outcomes

• Optimise project portfolio performances 

Expert independent facilitation to work through your specific change opportunity

Move forwards with confidence as a team. Bring clarity to your challenges. Gain the lessons of those who have been where you are now and define next steps.

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Areas of focus

We take an integrated approach to change, combining robust change management and project management with subject matter expertise in strategy, technology, behaviour, data and operational efficiency.

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With disruption and intense competition everywhere, your organisation’s ability to change and transform has become essential to success.

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Behind every story of successfully integrated change is a plan… the strategy. Find out more 

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The shiniest of toys are easily discarded if no-one knows how to play with them. Find out more 

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Organisations do not change. People change. Find out more 

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Linking business strategy with data strategy for effective decision-making. Find out more 

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The future is optimisation with agility. Find out more