PMO as a Service

PMO as a service

Flexible, cost-effective and performance-driven
expert pmo managed services

With Practicus PMO as a Service you gain a PMO function that is:

Cost-efficient. Roughly half the cost of big consulting firms

• Performance-driven.  A measurably better PMO than your current function

Flexible. You only pay for what you need when you need it

Well-packaged. A fully “out of the box” PMO solution with the significant value-add of PPM templates and automated  tools packaged in

“The most impressive thing I’ve noticed with the Practicus PMO as a Service is they are really experienced guys who have been around the world. They are able to tailor the solution to what you need based on the maturity of the company.”

Head of Portfolio Management, Seadrill

What is a PMo?

A PMO is the team that sets project management standards within an organisation. Traditionally, its goal was to achieve benefits from standardising documentation, assurance and reporting across project delivery. Yet the meaning of PMO is evolving. It has an important role today in ensuring the consistency of decision making, best practice delivery, managing risk and budgetary management.

The PMO oversees the entire lifecycle of projects from initiation to close-out. It provides effective project oversight and control to minimise failures and improve the chance of overall success. The main types of PMO activity can include:

Centralised project support, for example, administration, logistics, scheduling, consistent reporting, risk management, configuration management, communications and facilitation

Guidance on the methods, standards, processes and tools, internal delivery and standards assurance, education, coaching and mentoring of delivery staff and subject matter consultancy

Business leadership, for example, the development of portfolio management structures, tools, processes and governance, strategic decision making and CxO communication

What does PMO stand for?

The acronym PMO stands for Project Management Office, but sometimes organisations define PMO as Programme Management Office or Portfolio Management Office. This depends on the level of insight your organisation’s Board needs. The term Project Office Management is the discipline of working within the PMO.

PMO Types

The three most common PMO types are:

  • Portfolio Management Office – the centralised department at portfolio level ensures consistency in all change programmes across an organisation. This office can manage a wider variety of both related and unrelated projects to achieve maximum value within resource and budget constraints
  • Programme Management Office – this function sets the standard for related change projects across a programme of work, helping the programme achieve agreed objectives and emergent organisational benefits
  • Project Management Office – this smaller function normally provides guidance to local level projects within a predefined scope of work. The team utilises existing capabilities to achieve the benefits within agreed timescales and costs
We can provide all three types as a managed PMO service. 

What is the value of a PMo?

If your Project and Programme Management Office is seen as a bureaucratic burden, you may be missing a trick. When set up with the right structure and staff, a PMO acts as a hub for Continuous Improvement across your entire organisation.

The benefits of a PMO can be substantial, from improving time to deliver projects to giving senior stakeholders the information they need to prioritise and manage change initiatives. However, many organisations use inexperienced administration staff to resource the PMO meaning it can actually become a blocker to project progress.

By investing in suitably qualified PMO expertise, it will begin to add far more tangible value, both to the Board and to Project Managers delivering organisational change. 

PMO as a Service enables you to access that expertise quickly and cost-effectively. 

What is PMO AS a service?

PMO as a service is a flexible managed service that enables you to gain a fit-for-purpose PMO staffed with real experts and leading PMO software , tools and templates. 

Rather than going through all the cost and pain of building a high performing PMO function in your organisation, you can simply buy an “out of the box” solution from Practicus that is tailored to the needs of your organisation and its objectives. That means you can increase delivery certainty, improve commercial focus and have an experience team that is obsessive about meeting agreed cost, margin and timescales for your projects and programmes. 

Because the PMO is provided as a service, it can flex up and down with your programme portfolio – so you can quickly scale to meet the needs of your change agenda as it grows or shrinks. That means you only pay for what you need, when you need it. 

commercial advangtages of pmo as a service

Variable cost in line with demand

Flexible – only the service level and staff you need at a given point in time

Lower staff overheads

The service includes tools that automate core processes and the service is pure Opex – eliminating Employer National Insurance and pension costs of a permanent team.

hot swap skills + specialists

Adjust team make-up without attracting costs related to severance, hiring, training and replacing

Value for money

Fully ‘out of the box’ PMO solution effective from day 1 – utilizing best practice from many years experience and multiple customers

PMO as a Service WILL HELP YOU...

"Optimise" service operation

Inject portfolio expertise and tools to optimise value of PMO outputs

"Run" service operation efficIently

Supporting the regular ‘heartbeat activities’ of the portfolio


Measures that drive focus on successful outcomes and continuous improvement

PMO as a Service delivery model

Phase 1

PMO as a Service - phase 1: service mobilisation illustration


Mobilise initial service delivery team and tools
  • Appoint as PMO Service partner
  • Agree service definition & scope
  • Identify immediate gaps and deploy initial resources
  • Plan transition from current solution
  • Agree performance metrics
  • Schedule initial checkpoint service reviews

Phase 2

PMO as a Service Phase 2 - service transition


Work with internal team to manage smooth transition
  • Transition from existing environment & team
  • Align & integrate with internal teams
  • Implement immediate ‘wins’
  • Initiate service operating model across portfolio/s

Phase 3

PMO as a Service phase 3 elements - integrate team, support portfolio heartbeat, upskill your internal staff


Execute the service, performance measure and continually improve
  • Operate the service & embed team into the client organisation
  • Apply flexible PMO resources to support demand (weekly/ monthly)
  • Measure PMO delivery performance via metrics
  • Assure PMO delivery solutions via Practicus expertise
  • Review and improve service delivery model
  • Knowledge transfer to internal team

PMO service assurance

PMO as a Service assurance illustration

PMO as a Service Tools + Templates Library

PMO as a Service template examples

Full library of proven PMO document templates

PMO as a Service tools and templates

PMO tools and templates with training and portfolio expertise

PMO as a Service pricing

Our goal is to provide you with a measurably better PMO for less than it currently costs you.

In order to give you the most cost-effective solution, we need to know a little more information about your organisation and its change function, such as the scale, nature and sophistication of your current change programmes. That way we can craft a PMO service that is big on the functionality you need to meet your ambitions and small on cost.

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