For Candidates

You Are One

People like you are rare – we will spend more time than anyone else getting to know you, your unique skills and ambitions. We will help you tell your story and we’ll assemble a group of people (your Many) around you, who will complement and enhance your performance. When we put you forward for a role we expect you to get it and deliver beyond expectations.


We won’t present you with a brief until we truly understand where you’ve been and where you want to be.


We won’t give you a brief that you can deliver with your eyes closed. We will give a challenge where you can grow and leave a legacy.

You Are The One


Practicus is rated one of the Top 2 interim providers in the UK by the Institute of Interim Management (2019) and has placed among the top providers every year since the survey began. You can depend on us for a decent brief, thorough vetting and accurate representation.

You Are The One


The world is changing. The pressures that cause today’s gig economy are just as strongly mirrored in permanent recruitment. Simply put, there are no business-as-usual jobs at a senior level any more. We all need to deliver against particular challenges, with particular outcomes expected. And we need to deliver quickly. Ultimately, you want a job to get you where you want to go and we will partner with you to find the right opportunity. We’ll help you get beneath the job spec to understand the real business challenges and opportunities so you can hit the ground running.

For Candidates

You + Many

Use the Many to support you on an assignment. Hit the ground running, never feel alone – amplify your skills and make a bigger impact by having access to excellent support. Our people are confident and generous and know that being seen as a regular contributor to successful outcomes is hugely valuable to their career, so if you need help when on an assignment – you can speak to a community member for advice.


When you need advice and your own network comes up short, you can turn to our community to help you navigate the challenge. We provide you comprehensive on-boarding and stay in touch throughout the assignment. 


Every time you deliver we will encourage you to share the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Clients see an engaged and generous candidate. Our community learns from you. You learn from our community.


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