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Interim Manager Jobs

We provide interim jobs but more than this, we aim to create career-long relationships with leading talent. As a change and transformation specialist, we do not cover every kind of role but for those that we do, you can expect first-class representation by people who understand you, your career and the assignments we put you forward for. 

Interim Management Jobs

Our interim management jobs connects the best interim professionals with companies looking for interim management solutions. You can see the latest assignments currently being provided by Practicus on the link below. 

We connect businesses and public sector organisations with the best talent available for interim management positions. Our network of thoroughly vetted professionals is ready to to meet your goals.

You will find the vast majority of our interim management jobs on LinkedIn here: 

You will find more healthcare and NHS specific assignments here on the HSJ website:

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Interim JOB Meaning

An interim job is just another term for an interim management assignment. You are engaged by an organisation to solve a particular challenge or achieve a particular objective over a timespan that is usually between 3-18 months.

Often companies will appoint interim managers at short notice so you’ll need to be comfortable reacting and then delivering at speed. Keep on reading to find out more about the meaning. 

Interim manager meaning

What is an interim management job?

Interim management jobs are short-term, assignment-based, objective-focussed engagements with a client organisation. If you have a successful career as a senior manager, are highly-driven but find yourself getting bored all-to-quickly, this could be the career you’ve been looking for. But what do these jobs actually involve? Find out more and read on in the link below.

what is an interim manager role?

Interim HR Jobs

We have a variety of Interim HR jobs available at any time. These include UK HR jobs as well as some international vacancies. You will find positions ranging from interim HR generalists up to interim HR Director  and interim People Director. We also cover a wealth of specialist positions, including interim HR project manager, interim rewards manager, interim HR Business Partner and interim HR Systems implementation lead, among many others.

Our clients increasingly see HR as a strategic business function – especially at times of change, transformation and transition.

Our business has been supporting interim HR roles for around 20 years. We are one of the leading interim management agencies and cover the whole spectrum of HR and People functions, particularly those involved in driving meaningful change in the organisation. You can depend of us for a decent brief, thorough vetting and excellent representation.

Interim Director Jobs

Top talent for interim director jobs is one of the most common requests from our clients. In recent years, we have successfully placed over 720 across the UK.  We have a variety of interim director assignments available at any one time. The most common assignments we cater for are interim HR director, interim transformation director, interim finance director, interim managing director and a myriad of others. 

Many of the organisations we work with need interim directors to provide expertise and capability they do not – or cannot free up for pressing projects and strategic initiatives. We provide quite a number of interim turnaround directors to the NHS for example, where the additional expertise is needed alongside the BAU finance director. 

Practicus has been placing interim directors into jobs for more than 18 years. We build lasting relationships with trusted talent and ensure you are expertly represented.

Find out more about the interim management skills needed to become a professional interim executive.

Interim CEO Jobs

When it comes to change at the very top, our clients trust us with their interim CEO jobs.

As an organisation specialising in change and transformation, we provide leaders to drive growth, diversity, transformation, consolidation and improvement – often all at the same time. 

We have been supporting and providing CEOs for a number of years across a range of sectors. Often, we are asked to find the perfect combination of top talent from within an industry with rich experience from outside of it.  

If you are interim CEO looking, please get in touch – often these roles are handled outside of normal job advertising approaches due to the sensitivity and seniority of the assignments. 

Find out more about executive interim management.

Interim CFO Jobs

Interim CFO jobs play a vital role in our clients’ change and transformation agenda. Often brought onboard alongside a permanent counterpart, we look for CFOs who bring rare experience and expertise to bare – whether around M&A, Financial Turnaround, commercial innovation, funding streams or a range of other areas.   

Practicus has been providing CFOs to clients for well on two decades. Our clients require robust, imaginative and innovative individuals to drive strategic change and underpin the future performance of their business. 

For interim CFO jobs and other interim staffing needs, you can depend on us for a thorough brief and first-class representation. 


Interim CIO Jobs

Interim CIO jobs have never been more important. With IT now underpinning all parts of the private and public sector, its influence continues to thrive.

Progress around AI, machine learning, automation, IoT, apps, social networks, big data analytics and the cloud is rapid and fast expanding. At the same time, organisations have never faced more threats based  security and privacy threats are increasing around technology. As the surface area of digital contact continues to expand so do these threats multiply. And this is in addition to challenges of supporting the needs of organisations that are growing, contracting and seperating and increasingly bogged down with technical debt and legacy systems.

The Interim CIO job is a challenging role requiring only the most capable, confident and compelling talent. 

That’s who we represent. We work with some of the most complex, geographically disperse and technologically diverse companies in both the public and private sector to provide interim resources

Live interim Jobs

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