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Why data culture can be difficult to achieve - cartoon illustration

Data Culture Change: the importance of ‘Why?’

Data culture: As the AI juggernaut gains speed and the pressure to automate builds, how curious that something so advanced could be jeopardized by something so foundational. Good to know that some of our best data leaders are tackling this intractable problem with a more sophisticated and multi-dimensional approach.

PMO Roundtable: Mixing Methodologies

Practicus recently hosted a PMO roundtable that brought together project management leaders from diverse industries to discuss the evolving landscape of project management methodologies and their alignment with strategic business objectives.

Letting go of the IIM Survey

Letting go of the IIM Survey

It’s been a good run and we bow out on a high but we no longer feel comfortable asking the interims we know to complete the IIM survey.

Setting up a PMO banner

Setting up a PMO

Discover how to set up a Project Management Office (PMO) to streamline project management, enhance efficiency, and drive business value. This guide covers the essentials from initiation to continuous improvement, providing a roadmap for establishing a PMO that aligns with organisational goals and ensures project success.

The PMO podcast cover art with white background

PMO Podcast episode 2 released

In the latest episode of Practicus’ PMO podcast, we delve into the crucial role of portfolio prioritisation within the PMO. This episode promises to enhance your understanding of how effective prioritisation can maximise returns from investments in projects and business change.

Multigenerational workforce HR Strategy

Multigenerational workforce HR Strategy

How to lead a multigenerational workforce in today’s economy. The competing demands of different generations is not a background problem. It is the opportunity that needs to be seized

Reaching a new level: Disability Confident Employer

We are pleased to announce that we have reached level 2 of Disability Confident. This means we are now more than “disability confident committed”, we are officially a Disability Confident Employer!

NHS Vaccine

NHS Vaccine

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at UK’s NHS Vaccine Rollout and the critical role played by Practicus

NHS 75 Birthday

The NHS at 75

Celebrating the NHS at 75 with a summary of some key innovations that have saved lives and put NHS at the forefront of innovation.

Practicus CSR put into practice with a volunteering day

Swapping the Office for the Veg Patch

Practicus team volunteers to help Launchpad produce seasonal food for local food banks as part of drive to help homelessness – Taking our CSR ambitions seriously.

project sponsor quiz

How good is your sponsor? Quiz

We all know the importance of good sponsors for projects and programmes to succeed. But we’ve all come across sponsors who do as much to hinder as they do to help change and transformation.

PMO Maze

Navigating PMO Challenges

PMOs are vital in ensuring that projects stay on track efficiently, and effectively. Trust our PMO expertise & tools to keep everything in one place & maximise productivity, productivity and ensuring alignment with your organisation’s goals.

Permanent Recruitment Solutions banner

Permanent Recruitment Solutions treble

Over the last few years, Practicus has been witnessing a remarkable and sustained increase in its permanent recruitment services. Focussing on senior and specialist positions, the team have delivered growth of more than threefold over the last four years.

Institute of Interim Management Rankings

We are thrilled to announce that Practicus has made the Top 5 of the Institute of Interim Management (IIM) Survey 2023. Making it not just for the first, second or third time, but for the seventh consecutive year!

CQC inspection framework

The New CQC Inspection Framework

Getting ready for CQC inspection framework changes with interim professional support to avoid all the pitfalls that can impact your ratings.

How to tackle inflation webinar report

How to tackle inflation

How to tackle inflation for businesses. Key themes and takeaways from our webinar Webinar in March 2023.

women in leadership article banner

Women into leadership

For interim management, 2023 is shaping up to be a great year for women in leadership.

Executive interim management

Executive Interim Management

What is executive interim management? How does it differ from vanilla interim management, and how does it compare with Executive Search?

Interim manager meaning

Interim Manager Meaning

Interim manager meaning? As with so many things, the meaning is heavily dependent on the context. But in all cases, ‘interim manager’ means a person charged with conducting…

Interim Manager ROI

ROI of an interim manager

How do you measure the ROI? If you want to bring it down to ‘brass tacks’, the ROI of an interim manager is easier to calculate than it is for many permanent positions.

Practicus Health & Social Care Team

Introducing our Health and Social Care Team

By Practicus – 30th August 2022 Our Health and Social Care team has grown so we can help more of our clients get access to our exceptional network of talented interims

what benefits interim manager

What benefits: interim manager?

Interim managers provide a unique set of benefits and advantages due to their individual experience and expertise and the nature of the contracting method.

What is an interim manager role - banner image

What is an interim manager role?

What is an interim manager role? With so much variety in the work of interim’s and their uses by clients, we look at defining the role they play in the modern workplace.

what is an interim manager title image

What is an interim manager?

What is an interim manager? It seems to be one of the most misunderstood terms in the hiring world. It involves some of the most senior, trusted and capable talent available. Yet many HR and Procurement functions have a habit of treating it like they do unskilled temporary recruitment.

diverse NHS staff

Investing in the NHS Workforce?

The need for workforce action could not be more acute. This includes the need to transform the way the NHS delivers patient care, empowers its people and cares for their wellbeing.

PMO Questions answered

‘Stupid’ PMO questions and their answers

We’ve attempted to climb the endless mountain of Google’s PMO questions to bring you the very peak of stupid when it comes to PMO queries. And then, rather foolishly, we’ve attempted to answer them.

why pmo as a service image

Why PMO as a Service?

The most common reason why PMO as a Service is chosen is because the existing PMO has lost its way or does not yet exist. But there are plenty of other reasons too.

ROI in Digital Transformation


This story charts the experience of how an Interim helped an independent healthcare provider adopt a digital transformation programme to propel its long-term growth strategy.

International Women's Day (IWR)

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Each year, Practicus, like many other organisations and people around the world celebrates March 8th as International Women’s Day (IWD), but how did this commemoration come about and why on this particular day?

Smiling children-health inequality

Making Data Count to Tackle Health Inequalities

Addressing health inequalities is again becoming a high-priority challenge at national level – and as a society, the growing divergence in rich-poor life expectancy should arguably concern us all.

Patient Safety reporting

Patient Safety Incident Response

PSIRF is a new system for investigating or reviewing patient safety incidents, to improve patient safety and develop a. culture of learning

HSJ Award 2022 banner

HSJ Partnership Awards 2022 – Highly Commended

Practicus is delighted to announce that its “Covid-19 Vaccine Programme – Estates, Equipment, Consumables & Logistics (EECL) Workstream” has been shortlisted for Best Estates Optimisation Project at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2022.

agile transformation guide

Agile Transformation

You have heard of agile project management and software development. But have you heard of agile transformation? An executive overview of agile transformation with real-world examples by Practicus community member, Tim Lake.

interim management-client

Interim Management – Client

Finding the right interim manager for your business needs is critical. To ensure you can effectively identify and qualify the right calibre of individual, you should build a business case with clear objectives and deliverables.

think interim think practicus article

Interim Management – Candidate

There are lots of benefits to working as an Interim, but despite all of the positives, by their nature short-term roles can also be very challenging. Below are some of the comments reported from our own interims.

Practicsu NHS Vaccine Rollout Covid

NHS Vaccine Rollout Success

We are proud to have supported the NHS with key Interim Consultants with critical supply chain skills and project leadership experience. Here we take a look at some of the big challenges.

the case for remote working healthcare nhs

The Case for Remote Working in the NHS

Remote working provides flexible work arrangements for hired workers but also presents a set of challenges for employers, which can easily be managed with the right technology and the right organisational culture.

future of work hybrid working

Hybrid working: the Future of Work

You have heard of agile project management and software development. But have you heard of agile transformation? An executive overview of agile transformation with real-world examples by Practicus community member, Tim Lake.

Empowering Problem Solving in NHS

Serving the NHS with Interim Management

We have been working with the NHS for more than 15 years to deliver skilled and experienced Interims for leadership positions. Our experts help the NHS navigate change. We connect

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Practicus podcasts

With Dave Kemble and colleagues
How to lead digital transformation? Dave Kemble and colleagues explore the all-important ‘How?’ of leading digital transformation in large organisations, speaking to some of Europe’s most successful digital transformation professionals.

Listen now:

With Tony Cassin-Scott + Barry Panayi

The Data Files explores the rapidly evolving world of data, information and people.

A light-hearted limited series hosted by Barry Panayi (Chief Data Officer at John Lewis Partnership) and Tony Cassin-Scott (ex-CIO & CDO, now Advisor). They chat with some of the minds responsible for the past, present and future of the development of the data space and explore what’s worked, what’s not worked, and what the future might hold – both for organisations and for the data profession itself.

Listen now:

The PMO podcast cover art with white background

The PMO podcast is a four part series exploring the often under-looked role of project and programme management offices in realising a business strategy and delivering successful change and transformation.  

Hosted by Practicus Co-Founder, Boyd Kershaw, the show seeks to champion the cause of PMO, to articulate what good looks like and change the way people look at the PMO as a function.

Listen now:


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