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Practicus digital transformation podcast

with Dave Kemble and colleagues
How to lead digital transformation? Dave Kemble and colleagues explore the all-important ‘How?’ of leading digital transformation in large organisations, speaking to some of Europe’s most successful digital transformation professionals.


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Episode 1:
We interview Jim Stevenson, CEO of the Bletchley Group and someone who played a role in digitally transforming organisations such as The Guardian, Marks & Spencers, BUPA, Selfridges and What does digital mean to him? And most importantly what lessons has he learned?
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Episode 2:

We talk to Enrique Fernandez-Pino, a CDO and an expert in developing digital strategies who has assisted some of the biggest brands in UK highstreet retail, supermarkets and the passenger transport industry across a long career. For Enrique, Digital means Human – we discuss the role of AI, the role of digital capabilities in brand perception and why the £4bn business he was CIO of was already prepared when the pandemic hit.

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Episode 3:

We’re joined by Tim Copper, an experienced business digital transformation leader who focusses on bringing the commercial and tech worlds together to create step changes in revenue growth. Working across multiple sectors and PE-backed businesses, he has successfully delivered customer-focused transformations at Travelopia, Camelot, British Gas, O2, AOL and Telstra. 

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Episode 4:

We are joined by Ben Tilly, a hands-on digital transformation leader with over 20 years commercial experience. Having started out in web design, he soon moved into the world of marketing working for Apple and the BBC before finding his passion in the life sciences sector over 10 years ago. Having led numerous digital and multi-channel campaigns successfully, we talk to him about the challenges of digital marketing in the pharma and life sciences industries.

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Episode 5:

Sharon Prior talks to us about transforming one of the oldest businesses in the world, the Post Office. How do you tackle a 350-year-old start-up? Sharon is a seasoned CIO with global experience in business transformation and operations. She’s worked across multiple industries, including financial services, banking, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, oil, and gas and logistics.

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Episode 6:

This episode we explore what it takes to build winning teams and deliver digital transformations successfully. Joining us is Kate Holden, a highly accomplished senior leader with executive board experience and a significant track record of driving profitable growth through digital acceleration, strategic partnerships and large-scale programme delivery. This has resulted in award winning digital products with some of the most respected global brands including RELX, PLC, Pearson PLC, and the Financial Times. 

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Episode 7:

This week we focus on the importance of Data in digital transformation with the help of Tony Cassin-Scott. Tony has over 20 years experience in senior leadership roles spearheading both digital and data transformations to optimise business performance. His background covers several major industries, including Media and Insurance. 

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Episode 8:

We talk to Dave Griffin whose background spans global manufacturing as well as innovative startups. Through his spin out Surrey Innovations, Dave brings together leading  industry experience with academic learning about next  generation technology and business science. He works with companies and their people to make the best decisions about their future in a shifting digital landscape.

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Jan Rosenow podcast guest

Episode 9:

This episode, we’re joined by Jan Rosenow of the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) to talk all things ESG. In particular, we discuss innovative solutions that businesses are turning to in the energy crisis and the role digital has to play. Jan also sits on the board of the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) and is a member of the Steering Committee of the Coalition for Energy Savings and the Build Upon2 Advisory Board.

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