January 19, 2024

PMO Podcast episode 2 released

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In the latest episode of Practicus’ PMO podcast, we delve into the crucial role of portfolio prioritisation within the PMO. This episode promises to enhance your understanding of how effective prioritisation can maximise returns from investments in projects and business change.

Featuring Expert Insights: Our episode features insights from Andrew Ball, a seasoned PMO specialist with extensive experience across various sectors including energy, finance, construction, shipping, and healthcare. Joining him is Mandie Beitner, a celebrated TechWomen100 award-winner and a dynamic force in global transformation leadership.

🥗 Key Takeaways

Navigating Challenges in Portfolio Prioritisation

Our guests discussed various challenges in portfolio prioritisation, emphasising the need for alignment at the C-suite level and the difficulties in achieving a consensus on criteria. They highlighted the pitfalls of prioritisation based on individual or departmental objectives rather than overall organisational goals.

Leveraging Practicus’ Expertise

Practicus provides a highly-rated PMO as a Service, supporting organisations in building the ultimate PMO. This service is designed to facilitate effective portfolio prioritisation, ensuring strategic alignment and maximising ROI.

Practical Insights from Real-World Experience

This episode is enriched with real-world examples and practical insights. The discussion revolves around the nuances of prioritisation in various sectors and the transformative impact of a well-structured PMO.

The Path to the ‘Ultimate PMO’

The episode concludes with an emphasis on the need for a disciplined and inclusive approach to prioritisation. It highlights the potential of PMOs in driving organisational success when aligned with strategic objectives and executed with precision.

Listen to this enlightening episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify to understand how your organisation can benefit from strategic portfolio prioritisation. Listen here:

Episode 1 the ultimate PMO

Episode 2 the role of portfolio prioritisation

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