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The PMO podcast is a four part series exploring the often under-looked role of project and programme management offices in realising a business strategy and delivering successful change and transformation.  Hosted by Practicus Co-Founder, Boyd Kershaw, the show seeks to champion the cause of PMO, to articulate what good looks like and change the way people look at the PMO as a function.


The PMO podcast cover art with white background
Episode 1: Looking through the eyes of multiple stakeholders, we answer the question: what is the ultimate PMO? Should it be renamed the engine for strategy realisation? We’re joined by PMO expert, Martin Hunt;  global transformation leader, Mandie Bietner; and chief information officer, Ian Golding. 
Episode 2:Today we’re going to explore the role of portfolio prioritisation within the PMO and how it helps ensure the highest return from the organisations investments in projects and business change. The big takeaway? Most businesses could be saving 15% on their change budget if they had more focus on prioritisation.

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