February 22, 2023

Practicus candidate diversity

Practicus candidate diversity
Candidate diversity at Practicus

Practicus publishes candidate diversity report on the last 12 months of placements.

The report covers protected characteristics such as Ethnicity, Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability and Religion/Beliefs within the interim management market. We have used the findings for comparative analysis between the available industry data, the general population’s characteristics and our own recruitment and interim management services.

Key findings

Key findings of Practicus candidate placement diversity

Roughly half of Practicus placements are Women – this represents a significant difference with the interim management industry as a whole, where 29.5% of interim managers are women.

0.7% of Practicus placements are non-binary – this compares with a general population figure of 0.06%

27.8% of Practicus placements are ethnic minorities – this compares with an interim management industry figure of 13.7%

9.1% of Practicus placements are non-heterosexual – 88.2% heterosexual with 2.1% bi-sexual, 6.3% homosexual and 0.7% other

9.7% of Practicus placements have one or more disabilities – this compares with a general population figure of roughly 20%

There are many other findings as well, including around other protected characteristics such as age and religious belief. You can read more in the full report complete with comparison with our industry and the overall population below.

Full report:

2023 EDI in interim management industry report

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