November 20, 2021

Interim Management – Client

Why hire an Interim Manager?

The only certainty in business is change, but change can be fast, unpredictable, and often, beyond an organisation’s control. Interim management enables transformation and bridges skills gaps.

To succeed and stay relevant, companies often look for a leader or knowledge worker who can help companies solve their biggest issues. Interim Managers bring outside perspective, cutting-edge thinking, diverse experience, and a laser focus on results.

Interim professionals come with the skills to:

Few, if any organisations have the luxury of being able to retain all the specialised skills needed all the time. So hiring an interim executive overcomes critical resource shortage.

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What are the benefits of interim management?

Interim management allows you to scale your management capacity or project teams to address:

While the reasons and goals might vary, the organisations that hire an interim executive share a common need for expert managers to assist with critical projects and programmes at a critical time.

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What an interim professional brings

Interims contribute significantly in a number of key areas:

According to the Insitute of Interim Management (IIM), increasing numbers of business leaders are seeing interim managers as a more cost-effective solution than a management consultant.

Qualities of an interim

How do you hire an interim manager?

Finding the right interim manager for your business needs is critical. To ensure you can effectively identify and qualify the right calibre of individual, you should build a business case with clear objectives and deliverables. Not only will this aid you in achieving sign off from key stakeholders, but it will help you determine the experience, skills and competencies essential for success.

Practicus can help you recruit the perfect Interim or team of Interims. We have access to vetted communities of interim managers, offer assurances over their technical and cultural fit and can rapidly deliver a shortlist of qualified candidates for your consideration. 

If you are looking to grow your business or change the way in which it operates, now is a great time to consider an Interim Manager to provide the strategic vision you may be lacking. It is a cost effective method to bring in a highly skilled asset that will have a significant breadth of experience gained from working in various businesses.

Need an Interim – Look no further?

We will help you find the talent you need to drive change. Our experienced team of recruiters, deep network of skilled interims and accelerated search practices are at your service.


Interim managers have been a growing presence in the workplace since the 1970s. Now worth over £1bn, the market for interim managers is dynamic, constantly evolving and changing. If you want to know more about interim management, we have further resources on the following pages:

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