May 21, 2024

PMO Roundtable: Mixing Methodologies

Practicus recently hosted a PMO roundtable that brought together project management leaders from diverse industries to discuss the evolving landscape of project management methodologies and their alignment with strategic business objectives. The session provided a rich dialogue on the challenges and strategies of implementing Agile, Waterfall, and hybrid methodologies within various organisational contexts.

Discussion Highlights

Participants shared insights on their experiences with different project management approaches. Key topics included the integration of Agile methodologies within traditionally Waterfall environments, the challenges of managing multiple methodologies across a portfolio, and the importance of tailoring approaches to fit project and organisational needs. Discussion also centred on the need for effective change management processes and the importance of executive engagement in understanding and supporting project methodologies.


The roundtable concluded that:

  1. Educating Executives is crucial for ensuring effective alignment between project outcomes and business strategies. This is a two-way street and you cannot support what you do not understand.
  2. Streamlined Reporting and Governance are essential for providing clarity and supporting decision-making at the executive level.
  3. Simplified Change Management Processes are necessary to maintain flexibility while ensuring compliance and control.
  4. Tailor the methodology and approach to your environment you have to be conscious of your organisation and the maturity of change.
  5. Keeping SLT members sheltered from methodology jargon it can confuse stakeholders

Takeaways for Executive Audiences

For executives, the roundtable underscored the strategic importance of:

Takeaways for Experienced Project Management Professionals

Project management professionals can draw practical insights on:


The Practicus PMO roundtable highlighted the interconnectedness of project management methodologies and business strategy, emphasising the need for strategic alignment and flexibility. As organisations continue to navigate complex project environments, the insights shared during the roundtable will undoubtedly serve as a valuable guide for both executives and project management professionals aiming to enhance their project management practices and business outcomes.

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This format provides a structured summary of the roundtable discussion, aligning it with the strategic needs of executives and the practical approaches for project managers, making it an informative piece for readers interested in enhancing their understanding and application of project management methodologies

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