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Is to help people navigate change.

our strategic intent

To be the leading and most trusted change partner.

our change specialisms

Ops Efficiency / Strategy / Data / Technology / Digital / Behaviour, Culture & Engagement

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ask the community

What is the value of making the right informed decision?

Imagine you could get immediate practical help with the business problem or challenge you’re grappling with?

Imagine you could speak to someone who had solved that problem already somewhere else?

Well, that is ‘Ask the Community’ or ATC as we call it.

What is the Practicus Community?

We’ve spent the last 16 years building a Community of specialist change professionals.

As a collective, this group number around 800 of the finest talents in the world of Change. Members cut across strategy, people culture and engagement, operational efficiency, data and digital/technology.

Someone in our community will have faced your challenge and will be able to give you the benefit of hindsight…this is independent Counsel that costs you absolutely nothing and could provide significant and immediate benefit.

“Thank you for reaching out to the community and summarising their feedback. It is very valuable. In summary, the feedback is encouraging a more detailed look at the constituent parts of the portfolio, existing resource pools, experience and capability of the teams, and how to prioritise and organise the projects more effectively. Very good feedback and portfolio management advice.”
“Thank you for the Community Report you provided.You met the brief precisely in terms of the specific feedback and insights required by us. The input and content provided by you was discussed at length at the Executive Team SteerCo and has been invaluable in shaping some of our thinking, regarding the forward trajectory of our own EPRS implementation. A great initiative and value-add from Practicus.”

How does it work?

Call the number below in confidence and talk through the challenge with Lawrence Hill, our Head of Service. He will then go to the right person(s) in the Practicus Community and link you up for a conversation. An NDA will be signed by all parties if required.



Gain the change people you need when you need them. Eliminate wasted time and reduce your cost to hire with change resource that is quality-assured and provided rapidly to meet your needs 



“Their candidate search is like having an extension of me!”

“Unlike other agencies they provide a ‘human’ working relationship.”


Good people made better

One good person on their own can achieve great things, solve problems, pass on knowledge and make a huge impact. One good person supported, inspired and helped by a community of equally excellent people will achieve more. 

Highest quality

We go to further lengths than any other organisation to understand the brief, validate and verify talent and investigate track record

The talent you need when you need it

We proactively build communities of talent tailored to the emerging needs of your organisation 

Resource at pace

Our reputation is for delivering niche and challenging resource requirements at speed


Practicus is rated the number 1 interim provider in the UK by the Institute of Interim Management (2020) and has placed among the top providers for over eight years. You can depend on us for a decent brief, thorough vetting and accurate representation


The world is changing. The pressures that cause today’s gig economy are just as strongly mirrored in permanent recruitment. Simply put, there are no business-as-usual jobs at a senior level any more. We all need to deliver against particular challenges, with particular outcomes expected. And we need to deliver quickly. Ultimately, you want a job to get you where you want to go and we will partner with you to find the right opportunity. We’ll help you get beneath the job spec to understand the real business challenges and opportunities so you can hit the ground running.


For Candidates

Frequently Asked Questions

We will never send your CV to a client or prospective client without your consent. In fact, we’ll be granular and agree with you which organisations you do and don’t want to be represented to. We take your personal data very seriously and you can view our full privacy policy

Here’s what we’ll need:
Limited Company Information:
• Proof of Company Bank Details (Bank Statement, Paying in Slip, Cheque or Letter from the Bank)
• Certificate of Incorporation
• VAT Certificate (if registered)

Personal Information / right to work:
• A full colour copy of your Passport (and/or Visa if applicable)
• 1 x Proof of Address document from the attached list
• Emergency Contact Details

For NHS work under the Non-Medical, Non-Clinical Framework (NMNC) the government requires more:
• Valid Passport (& VISA if applicable)
• An additional Proof of Address Document (so 2 overall)
• Professional Qualification and Registration documents (i.e. NMC, Prince2, GPhC etc. – if applicable)
• Current DBS Certificate / Update Service Details (if applicable)
• Declaration around illness / impairment that might impair ability to work and any support / adjustments needed
• Full employment history
• 3 years of references

Our system raises invoices on your behalf each week for your approved worksheets and these are then paid within 30 days. That means that when you start an assignment, there will be a short gap and then you’ll see new money in your account each week so long as you submit worksheets on time and the client signs them off before the cut off for that’s week’s invoice. We have that gap because the payment terms of client organisations are 30 days and sometimes much longer. But however long they take to pay us, we’ll be paying your invoices regularly every 30 days.
That cut off for clients to sign off on a worksheet is 10am on Tuesdays. So to model it quickly for you:
Example 1 You work five days, put your timesheets into the system and the client signs off before 10am on the Tuesday = the invoice is generated that Wednesday and you are paid within 30 days of that date
Example 2 You work five days, put your timesheets into the system and the client signs off at 11am Tuesday = the invoice is generated on the Wednesday the week after and paid within 30 days of that date

You can login to the secure portal and go to your invoices, you’ll find them all there for the full length of the contract.

 You’ll find your contract in the secure portal, please login

Sorry about that, hopefully the user guide [Link to userguide] will clear it up but if not just give us a call on 01491 637094 and we’ll get to the bottom of the issue.

We’ll back date everything to you and adjust payments going forward.

You should have had an email so give your junk mail a quick check. Still nothing? Give us a call on 01491 637094 and we’ll work out what’s happened


Discover, design, deliver

A full suite of change solutions to reduce risk and accelerate your agenda:

• Tried and tested solutions from industry tailored to your particular circumstances

• Close collaboration with you and your teams

• Always the ‘A’ team – the capability and subject matter expertise to make a difference 

• Flexible staffing  as your needs change during the engagement

• Long-term partnership with handover of IP and knowledge transfer to your teams 

support for our work...

“This is the first proper thinking I’ve seen in this building for a very long time. I want these guys running my project.”

– Astellas


“They have an impressive ability to pick things up – it’s as if they are reading my mind.”



“Practicus have shown flexibility in working with us and it doesn’t feel like a transactional relationship. You are pragmatic, honest and you listen and respond.”

– Post Office


“You blend approaches and methodologies well. I’d say this is a unique selling point. You are also flexible and integrate well with our organisation.”

– Prudential





Expert independent facilitation to work through your specific change opportunity

Move forward with confidence as a team: bring clarity to your challenges, gain the lessons of those who have been where you are now and define next steps.

Truly independent facilitation – no agenda but your agenda

Learn from the mistakes of others – bring hindsight to your challenges by including community members

Gain innovation from other sectors

support for our work...

“Exceptional workshop, you’ve helped us in clarifying the way forward while avoiding technical debt.”
– CIO, Insurance Broker

Virtual Workshops

We also provide workshops virtually to bring together geographically dispersed teams and overcome other challenges.

• Digitally-savvy facilitation

• All major video-conferencing platforms supported


Sharing, innovating and networking

Practicus provides a regular programme of events for its clients and its community members on change and connected themes – from creating more diverse and inclusive cultures to the transformation being driven in healthcare through technology.

We also build individual event programmes for particular clients tailored to the specific needs of their change agenda, for example, changing behaviours around data and digital thinking.  

• The UK’s strongest change network

• Meaningful, practical advice you can implement immediately

• Innovation from across sectors

Don't take our word for it...

The power of our community through hosting events?

"Great event- really interactive and engaging." - HR Specialist
“Really great format, good to exchange, explore thinking and ask questions, see what others are doing.” - HR Director
“I saw three technologies that I’d never seen before even though our company uses one of them. I’m going to go to my team tomorrow and ask: why can’t we get what I’ve just seen out of that technology.” - Managing Director
“Bringing the data scientists together with their stakeholder community is really key and that’s where you get the real magic. It’s about the insights.” - Partner

Case Study #1 - The challenge

The CIO of this well-known insurance business had concerns about the efficiency and ways of working within his main architectural team. Furthermore, he wanted to ensure the IT strategy aligned to the business strategy and that the roadmap for the year was set up to execute on that strategy.  One concern for instance, was that across the various architectural functions there was no common method or approach. Indeed, architects were effectively building in complexity to solutions because as a team, they were not an integrated function.  

He engaged Practicus to run a workshop to get everyone on the same page and change the mindset so that the architects were putting the avoidance of technical debt front and centre of all decision-making. 

What we did

Taking the entire architectural team off-site and bringing in one of the country’s leading Enterprise Architects in the world of insurance was exactly the kind of new thinking the CIO had in mind. He wanted the team to see the ‘art of the possible’, to step outside their status quo and see what other approaches and ideas could yield. The Chief Operating Officer of the organisation addressed the group to outline the Business Strategy, and over the course of the day, an exploration of the current IT strategy, a review of architectural goals, Cloud strategy, API’s, data and analytics and digital insurance gave the group an enterprise perspective that they’d perhaps previously overlooked or not been party to.  

The result

This workshop was designed to be the first in a number, to act as a frame of reference from which the team could look back on. A comprehensive write-up was produced by the Practicus team after the event to capture learns, outputs and next actions. The insights provided were universally appreciated and the elaboration of the business strategy and the dependence on technology enablement offered new clarity to all. The CIO termed the workshop “exceptional” and is looking to repeat the format. 

How does it work?

Call the number below in confidence and talk through the challenge with Lawrence, our Head of Service. He will then go to the right person(s) in the Practicus Community and link you up for a conversation. An NDA will be signed by all parties if required.