Single Shared Care Record

The aim of this Care Record project is to deploy a single shared care record solution  across an area with 1.8 million service users. It will enable health and care professionals involved in an individual’s care to view an electronic record of their patient / service. In time, it is intended that access to the digital care record will also become available to citizens. The record will pull data, that is currently held in numerous provider point of care systems – including disparate systems across GP surgeries, care homes and the CCG – into a single role-based access view.

The project will deliver a range of benefits across the Health and Social Care System of the area.

Practicus was engaged to provide consultants to work with the CCG, the Clinical and Professional Reference Group and GPs to develop and implement the plan for the mobilisation and deployment of the Single Shared Care Record in general practice. This includes technical and operational deployment activities.

Following this, we provided a team to support mobilisation, including to determine key baselines during year 1 in order to effectively drive benefits out in year 2. They included working with the solution supplier to develop quantifiable benefit measures and outcomes during year one of the contract for delivery from year two.

In addition, Practicus provided expertise to coordinate on-boarding of users during the mobilisation phase. This involved developing and devising training materials, training plans and e-learning resources that can be shared with partner organisations to enable the training of clinicians and social care professionals on the use of the solution. Following that, the resource we provided worked with IT training leads within each partner organisation to deliver train-the-trainer training and support local trainers with their own solution training delivery plans.

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