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Never has the pace in change in wholesale and retail been higher. Rapidly changing consumer trends, disrupted supply chains,  advancing data analytics and digital innovation all create opportunities best navigated with the support of a trusted change and transformation delivery partner. Since 2004, we have been helping retailers and wholesalers deliver on their vision and seize the future of commerce. 

Digital Acceleration

Business Architecture

Years-long digital transformation roadmaps have been compressed into weeks and months, with pressure for faster still. But with haste comes costly mistakes.

We will help you find the efficient and smooth path to your future while avoiding technical debt.

Digital Innovation

The capabilities, skills and thinking that you have today are not the same as you need tomorrow.

Hiring right is part of the equation. But scale, speed and agility can’t just be imported from Big Tech.

The correct tools, governance models and culture are pivotal for capitalizing on your potential to innovate.

some of our digital retail clients around online innovation

Supply Chain Innovation

Inventory Transparency

The need to gain up-to-date, accurate information and share it with consumers and trading partners has never been greater. A supply chain powered by real-time data improves supply chain operations and minimises the chances of disruption and quality issues, enhancing trust and customer loyalty.

Whether you’re looking at cloud-based multi-party networks or relying on more traditional point-to-point integrations, we help you gain the clarity your organsiations and customers need. But this is just one piece of the puzzle. We will also help you cultivate a data culture, where everyone understands that dependable data is their responsibility.

Insight + Decision Making

COVID-19 has for all intents and purposes rendered traditional predictive analytics in retail obselete. Historical trends are no longer a sound basis for prediction. What has become critical is identifying new emerging trends and patterns of behavior in time to efficiently capitalise on demand.

Artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are critical tools that we can help you embrace and advance. Complementary to this is the opportunity for data-based decision-making to be adopted at all levels of the business to navigate the current environment successfully and gain real competitive advantage.

some of our digital retail clients around digital supply chain

Organisation Design

TOM + Organisation Design

COVID-19 has changed the Retail landscape forever. Creating a new vision for your organisation is an exciting opportunity.

For 16 years, we have been working with businesses and their staff on every aspect of organization design from objectives and capability to creating the new target operating model and supporting a successful transformation.


Many retailers today are in danger of critical failure if they do not heed the current stresses on their operation when planning their transformation. What’s called for is an approach that carefully incorporates operational stability alongside strategic transformation. What we offer is an integrated approach that ensures that all critical perspectives are embraced and accounted for in plans and that staff are brought with you on the journey.

We are hands-on, working with your business and your people to ensure the transformation is a success, incorporating tactical shifts for current market dynamics into the overall strategic plan and embedding change that sticks.

some of our digital retail clients digital strategy

Adopting new platforms

Shifting Behaviours

For more traditional retailers, rooted in enterprise resource planning and other transaction-orientated  IT systems, adopting the technologies of leading online retailers is not enough to succeed in itself.

We help you create focus on supporting digital experiences rather than re-organising around platforms. In practice, this means decoupling the management of customer-centric front-end systems and applications from the management of existing transaction-oriented back-end systems, empowering staff to incorporate customer feedback for innovation and holding them accountable for the results. It’s about online best practice in governance, talent development and performance management.

Adopting New Approaches + Processes

Most traditional retailers have dabbled with methodologies outside of Waterfall such as Agile, typically with mixed results.

What’s needed is a cohesive approach to processes throughout the business that are tailored to the needs of different areas in support of the business strategy. We will help you define and deliver approaches and processes that play nicely together in the overall  mix and work to deliver the strategic roadmap.

some of our digital retail clients for ecommerce

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