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Data: Ask the community

Advice on your data strategy and capabilities free from cost.

Gain immediate practical help with the data business problem or challenge you are currently grappling with.

"“I went in with the expectation that I’d have a general discussion. What I got was an absolute bullseye!”

Driving better data capabilities for decision-making is a fast moving field. Everyone needs a bit of advice now and then – even the highly experienced.

We offer a free service that enables you to ask our community about your data business problem. What you gain is advice – in confidence and under NDA – from leaders and subject matter specialists in the rapidly expanding field of data. People who have faced a similar challenge in the past and can tell you how they solved it and how to avoid the pitfalls along the way. 

We provide this service free from cost because we believe that if you get some valuable advice from us now, it will help build up trust for when it comes to paid work at some point in the future. 



“I have to say, in not very long – a couple of days – three people came back to me with some ideas… Things that would work in the Insurance market. It was practical, real advice.”

Move your data capabilities forward today!

lawrence hill, practicus

Lawrence Hill

Customer & Community Engagement Manager