Private Equity

.Looking for a cost-effective solution to navigate the twists and turns of the private equity investment cycle? Interim Managers are here to help. 

Private Equity

Since 2004, Practicus has worked with private equity and venture capital firms as well as the companies within their portfolios. Whether it’s supporting biotech start ups, challenger banks or transforming an established player, we help businesses navigate change.

Change is the only constant in business. That’s especially true for private equity-backed businesses, where the pace of growth can be lightning-fast. Unfortunately, many management teams struggle to keep up with the demands of this environment.

That’s where Interim Managers can help. Our team of experts thrive in these high-pressure situations. We’ll work with investors and chief executives to make sure their objectives are met, no matter how fast the world is spinning. Typically we support these areas:

Pre-Deal support

  • Research and planning
  • M&A due dilligence
  • Turnaround planning

Deal support

  • Business strategy
  • Operational  improvements
  • Reward and talent management

Value Creation

  • Sustainable improvement programme
  • Culture change

Maximise Deal Return

  • Financial due diligence
  • Exit preparation 
  • Sale preparation

"We accessed expertise from Practicus that really allowed us to kick the tyres of the problem... and help the team understand the best way to crack it."

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