Financial due diligence and IT transformation

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Financial due diligence and IT Transformation – Case study

The company engaged Practicus because it required an interim to begin the financial due diligence for the sale of a portfolio company providing services to local authorities and foster parents. Successfully placing an interim Finance Director to oversee this process, Practicus was subsequently engaged to support a Healthcare company in its portfolio.

Our work with the healthcare business focussed on a key opportunity for the organisation. As an NHS-funded homecare services business, it had noted that many of its competitors were weighed down by legacy technology and incremental systems from acquisitions – making them unable to be truly responsive to the needs of patients, particularly those with long-term chronic conditions where missing a single dose or change in medicines could have severe ramifications.

The company engaged Practicus to provide strategy consultancy around its technology and enterprise architecture to give it an advantage in the market. This ultimately entailed set up of a brand new technology infrastructure for the business that our consultant oversaw. In addition, we were asked to support the optimization and rationalization of its warehousing and logistics.

These engagements went well and enabled the company to grow healthily unrestricted by its system or operations, resulting in a successful sale of the business.

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