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The values at the heart of culture


What it means to our clients

What iT means to the community

Honesty & Integrity More than anything we will always do what’s right by our client. We will be honest with the complexities of the assignment, but in return we will need an honest review of how things are going throughout the project, and your commitment for the full duration of your contract.

Passion Our community is made up of Passionate and energetic Practitioners who are creative at solving problems You will receive a refreshing and passionate approach to everything you experience from our Perm Practicus staff, but expect you to provide that same experience for everything you do for our client.

Going the Extra Mile

By doing more than our clients expect and doing it better and quicker we will be engaged again.

We will go above and beyond to find you the right assignment, but expect you to go above and beyond to deliver on the project we engage you on.
Empathy We will always do a better job for our clients if we see things from their perspective.

We will always consider your feelings during any project and make sure we can support you where needed. In return we ask that you always put our client first and continually address their needs and wants in order to deliver successfully.

The four promises we make to all our clients


What it means to our clients

What iT means to the community

You will always get the 'A' team You'll get an experienced hands-on team with the right skills for your project. You will get the people we promised you in the proposal and they will stay on the team for as long as they are needed. We only pick practitioners who are at the top of their field – we believe they are the top 10% of the market. We know our practitioners are the best people, so we:
  • make sure every project fits your capabilities and ambitions
  • ask you to commit to the project until it ends
  • give you the same support we give our permanent employees.
We will work as true partners We’ll help you reach your goals in a way that works for you.
We will adapt our methods and processes to fit your culture and the way you work.
We’ll involve you in decisions that affect you and your project. In return we expect you to:
  • put our client’s best interests first in your work as a consultant and advisor
  • be a considerate guest in our client’s business and, if you do spot problems, raise them with us first.
We will be driven by your success

We will work to make this your success story.
We will obsessively manage delivery excellence against your full success criteria, not just against what the agreement says we’ll deliver.

You can only deliver success if you can work effectively. So we won’t put pressure on you to sell Practicus’ services but we will:
  • tell you what we learn at our monthly client reviews (we review the client’s success factors and individual and team performance against those factors)  
  • work with you to identify project problems and develop action plans to help remove them.  
We will share your risk We are prepared to align our fees with the success of your project.
We do this because we’re confident that our team, our approach, and our delivery management will combine to ensure your success.

It’s in our interests to see you succeed because part of our fee may depend on the project’s success. So we work hard to support our practitioners and put together effective project teams.
And if we do have a risk-sharing arrangement in place on the project, we’ll ask you if you want to take part.  This usually means that you give up part of your fee in return for a share of the success-related bonus.