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Our purpose is to help people navigate change. Our intention is to become the leading – and most trusted – change partner in the world. 

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One+Many =

One + Many is our guiding principle. It’s a simple way of defining how we work and deliver better – as a business and as individuals. We recruit, gain insights and share knowledge as a community. It’s how we demonstrate value to our clients. It’s how we attract great candidates. It’s how all of us come together to have an impact that’s greater than the sum of our parts.

One good person on their own can achieve great things, solve problems, pass on knowledge and make a huge impact.

One good person supported, inspired and helped by a community of equally excellent people will achieve more. Good people, made better.


You are a client with a challenge or a candidate looking for one. Your challenges, ambitions and success measures (rational and emotional) are unique to you. You want to make an impact and leave a valuable legacy. We will find the person or the challenge for you.

YOU + Many

One exceptional person supported by many. Be part of a group of people who help each other when asked. Solve problems, share and receive knowledge and insights, inspire and teach. Good people making each other better.



When we set the Community up, problem solving was at the very heart of our ambition.

It was driven by a constant demand from our strongest relationships to support them with business issues.

If you’d like to find out more about the Community and how to get involved, please contact one of the consultants or Lawrence Hill – lawrence.hill@practicus.com

Community in action

Practicus’s support for BALM

When the leading Business Architect for Lloyd’s of London, Neil Williams engaged Practicus, his ambition was to resurrect an initiative that had previously struggled to



Meet David, Sam, Matthew & Paul.

David heads up our Henley Commercial Markets sales floor, alongside Sam in Permanent recruitment.

You’ll find Matthew working hard in the NHS, Finance & Insurance markets in our amazing London office. And Paul focusing on Data & Digital in Bristol.

Click here to meet our team of experts and the sectors they look after.

David Webb - Commercial Markets
Sam Hawkins - Permanent Recruitment
Matthew Stevenson - London
Paul Fitzgerald - Bristol

Our Brand Pillars


Good people are driven by purposeful and fulfilling engagements. We create opportunities for people to make a positive impact; on an individual, on an organisation, on society — beyond the 9—5. We respect personal values and align beliefs.


Our people look beyond the ‘now’. Our collective wisdom empowers individuals and drives long term relationships. Together we can identify future opportunities and turn hindsight into foresight.


Our people have the humility to listen and the courage to speak. They acknowledge that input from others helps them to perform better. Courage is doing the right thing even when it is the more difficult, less popular route.

Do you share our VALUES?

Every day, in every area, we motivate and reward our people for living these values.

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We believe in creating opportunities for people to make a positive impact on society. Every year we come together as a company to choose a charity to raise money for. We create a programme of events and get our clients and candidates involved too. On top of that, we are all given two volunteering days (fully paid) each year to support the community initiatives we’re involved in outside of work.


Access free practical, independent advice for your current business challenges. Email: change@practicus.com