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Change Management

What good is change if the benefits are not realised or sustained? Practicus has been helping its clients reap lasting benefits from change for over 10 years.

Our approach is based on the understanding that, for business change management to be successful, people must be at its heart. We work with and engage client staff through the full change journey from identifying, delivering and managing the change through to successful outcomes. This integrated and hands-on approach enables truly sustainable results.

The real difference is our unique business model. It blends our consulting capabilities with a community of world-class Change Management and PPM practitioners, offering our clients unrivalled access to direct industry experience and proven best practice.

Why Practicus for change management consultancy?

  • Outcome focus – a consistent, systematic and holistic approach to your ambitions – backed by proven change frameworks and tools drawn directly from industry
  • Real-world expertise – all our practitioners have verifiable track records of success and the experience to meet new challenges head on
  • Agile and integrated – we work with you and your teams, offering additional mentoring, pro-active problem solving and skills transfer to embed the changes
  • Flexibility and scale – as the change programme evolves, our business model offers unbounded access to industry subject matter expertise and lessons learned

Practicus is at the forefront of Change Management, with over a decade of cross-sector experience and best practice. We understand that successful transformations focus on delivering business benefits through collaboration and engagement with impacted staff and the wider business.

Our change management solutions

Change management review

Reviews are often used to support leaders – to provide transparency on appropriate activity, recommendations and assurance. Our change management consultants can undertake reviews at any point within a programme or project lifecycle from pre-launch to post-implementation.

  • Pre-launch – to validate the approach and make recommendations to improve
  • Mid-flight– to deliver recommendations and a revised plan to bring a failing project back on track or assess business readiness from a people perspective
  • Post-implementation – to consider the legacy of the change and its sustainability

Change management delivery

Practicus can perform the role of change manager with a specific programme, project or portfolio. We can be engaged at various points of the lifecycle to undertake delivery work, from project concept – designing and implementing the change management approach – to shorter interventions where we put some weight, pace and focus behind a change management plan that is slipping.

We can also define and implement a change plan or deliver specific aspects of it, e.g. communications, stakeholder engagement plans and stakeholder management, impact assessments, business readiness and sustainability planning. 

Change management coaching

Leaders have a critical role to play in the success of change initiatives. We offer coaching to senior leaders, programme leads and executive teams to help them build change management into the heart of their strategy and activity. This also provides a ‘safe place’ for leaders to discuss their day-to-day challenges in the context of broader corporate strategy.

Change management training

Change can only be sustained if staff have the necessary skills to deliver it. We offer training and workshops to transfer our knowledge and experience regarding the pragmatic use of change management to support business transformation. We can support the up-skilling of teams that have gaps in capability or lack the required experience.

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