Transformation Governance

By partnering with Practicus on a transformation and its governance,  a  healthcare trade union with a long history is on track to achieve its objective to put its members first.

What was achieved

The opportunity

As an established and long-standing organisation, the union had retained many of its traditional structures and ways of working. To better adapt to the needs of its modern members, the organisation went through the first business transformation in its history. Above all, the transformation was to bring a new corporate identity that puts its members at the heart of everything it does. To support the transformation, Practicus deployed subject matter expertise in Organisational Design, Change and Communications as well Transformation Management and governance.

The action

Practicus acted as a trusted advisor to the transformation for over two years. The team developed a transformation framework, which outlined the key priorities and the activities needed to deliver against them.

The framework was referred to throughout to keep activity focussed.

Beyond the transformation design, Practicus also delivered:

Practicus has also delivered a charter for change, which enables staff to understand how to embed the transformation through tools, leadership and performance measures. The charter for change helps staff hold each other accountable for transformation activities.

How challenges were overcome

As this was the first business transformation in the organisation’s history, it was necessary to keep stakeholders engaged and updated on progress. To enable this, Practicus developed a “transformation postcard” that allowed staff to communicate and report progress quickly and efficiently.

Ensuring the needs of the organisation were met

Practicus added value to the transformation by building strong relationships with staff and using empathetic communication.

By listening to and understanding the organisation’s requirements, Practicus offered the right balance of challenge and compliance with existing ways of working to ensure the right outcomes were achieved for the business, whilst maintaining its identity.

The difference

The transformation has put the union on track to achieve its objective of putting members first. The organisational design was rolled out in support of the new Target Operating Model, while the central transformation management office delivered the necessary rigour and oversight to ensure success. The quality of communication and engagement maintained staff buy-in and led to high levels of satisfaction across the transformation.

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