October 19, 2020


This is the controversial conclusion reached by author Catherine Hayes in her recently released book, Transition Leadership, Navigating the Complexities of Change.

For many in the world of Change and Transformation, this will be a bewildering and confronting statement. The fact that it’s made by someone with a lengthy and distinguished career in transformation and not a theoretical academic, is all the more profound.

Simplicity and control are an illusion. Traditional leadership approaches to change are no longer working. In fact there’s doubt they were ever adequate. What is certain is that the pace of change today in an increasingly fragmented world, means that the desire to control and simplify is now counter-productive. Today’s change leaders require a different set of skills, knowledge and capability. They require Transition Leadership.

In this webinar we explore the problems with current change approaches and how leaders can be more effective in delivering effective. Join the debate as we delve into and challenge Catherine’s approach with the help of one of the Change World’s finest, Steve Jackson.

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