September 5, 2019

The changing world of pharmaceuticals

The world of Pharma is undergoing significant change.

“Big volume is now generic. To add value, you need to actually have a different proposition rather than just a per-milligram dose pill… The days of treating ten thousand people the same way is not relevant because every patient is unique… How do you provide solutions and not just drugs?”

Paul Stainer has been a commercial finance leader at the Japanese pharmaceutical Otsuka for the last five years.

Based in the UK, he has been instrumental in enabling significant change with that organisation. What follows is an insightful and candid interview about what has shaped him into the professional he is, his influences, his experiences, his mistakes, his values and his ambitions.

As a community member, he typifies the values, generosity of spirit and knowledge-sharing, humility and overarching decency that makes the Practicus Community special.

We are in the process of securing Paul the growth oppportunity he seeks. But Paul is a problem solver, so what problems could he help you solve?

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