Business Transformation Programme Direction



Practicus supported Nuffield Health with its HR, Finance & Procurement transformation, which included a critical Electronic Patient Record System (EPRS) project. During this programme the pandemic hit and the resource we provided was called upon to play an important role in joining up the independent care provider network with the NHS.

The programme director we placed provided expertise to direct and manage the transformation. He worked collaboratively with Nuffield Health to define the future Operating Model, Organisational Design and the transition / change journey required to implement the “To Be” state. He also provided guidance and support to enhancing Change Methodology, drive best practices, improve delivery performance, develop insightful governance to the Executive Team and manage prioritised execution of the business portfolio of change.

Programme & project management

In addition to directing the transformation programme, the programme director also took the lead for all the other Tier 1 programmes of change (circa £160m investment budget) associated with the transformation to deliver the projected financial benefits and align these to a prioritised cross-charity, enterprise change portfolio.

Alternative delivery models, health care services and capability development

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, a new cross-sector priority emerged and, under the same contract, we provided the programme director to lead the crisis management task force at the Independent Healthcare Provider Network (IHPN). (Nuffield Health is a member.) Leading this task force, the programme director initiated a far reaching repurposing of NHS England and independent sector joined operations in response to the pandemic emergency. In six weeks, the team under his direction and advice enabled the capability to deal with 19,000 confirmed COVID-19 positive inpatients per day from a starting point of ‘zero’. This work involved mobilising 20,000 independent provider staff and enabling provision of 8,000 hospital beds, 1,200 ventilators, 10,000 dedicated nurses, 700 doctors and 8,000 clinical staff. The programme director also set up the crisis management coordination between the IHPN task force and the NHS England leadership team and put in place the management and controls of the IHPN response across operations, supply chain, clinical, workforce, commercial and contract, legal, regulatory and communications. This was all from a standing start and maximised the utilisation of capacity to ensure an efficient service of a £125m per week government contract.

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