January 20, 2019

Good people, made better

by Darren Tolhurst, CEO.

It’s taken us 15 years but we think we’ve finally cracked it! We set out in 2004 to change the way people feel about recruitment. That purpose has taken us down many different roads, most of which have delighted our customers and helped us grow. What’s remained constant throughout that time is our passion for helping people navigate change.

What we’re launching today is a model that satisfies that need and continues the mission but very much evolves on the traditional interim management model: it is problem solving, powered by our community of trusted experts. It’s based on our ONE+MANY principle: one good person can deliver great things, one good person supported by a community of equally excellent people will deliver better. Our aim, as a community is to turn our collective wisdom and hindsight into your foresight.

It’s actually something that we’ve been developing with clients and interims in the background over the last five years and it’s built up to the point that we can now provide it as a company-wide offering. It’s based on six key value-added services:

You’ll find specific information about it here: About us

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