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Utilities Since 2004, Practicus has been working with Water, Energy and infrastructure firms through cycles of change and transformation. Whether it’s addressing new marketing opportunities, improving the customer experience, better […]

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future of work hybrid working

July 1, 2021

Hybrid working: the Future of Work

You have heard of agile project management and software development. But have you heard of agile transformation? An executive overview of agile transformation with real-world examples by Practicus community member, Tim Lake.

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Comunity Diagnostic Hubs

May 28, 2021

Community Diagnostic Hubs – Getting Ahead in the Funding Queue.

From blood tests to imaging the NHS is making these more accessible away from hospitals. Exploring how embedding diagnostic capabilities deeper into local community centres can improve the NHS’s ability to discover and treat health issues more rapidly.

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how to respond to current workforce challenges banner

May 28, 2021

How to respond to current workforce challenges?

Andrew Vaux – Head of Independent  Healthcare , Practicus 2020 is the first year that IHPN has run its industry barometer survey to take the temperature of the independent healthcare […]

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Empowering Problem Solving in NHS

May 13, 2021

Serving the NHS with Interim Management

We have been working with the NHS for more than 15 years to deliver skilled and experienced Interims for leadership positions. Our experts help the NHS navigate change. We connect […]

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property rationalisaiton: work-from-home hybrid models

March 24, 2021

The Right ‘Hybrid’ Work-from-Home Model

It’s high up the agenda in nearly every Boardroom – what does return to work look like? The spectrum of strategies is well represented, from the ‘presenteeism’ of Goldman Sachs to the ‘WFH 4ever’ of Twitter.

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6 Things your PM0 should do for you

February 15, 2021


During the pandemic, some PMOs are thriving whilst others are exposing flaws and weaknesses. Here are the six things that separate them.

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Evolution of the PMO history

February 8, 2021


The PMO at its conception had a very simple purpose, one that remains as true today as it did back then. Over the PMO’s history, has the world lost sight of it?

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insights from independent healthcare leaders on the nhs

January 29, 2021


Andrew Vaux – Head of Independent  Healthcare , Practicus It was an invitation only ‘virtual’ Roundtable for leaders within Independent Health to explore how as a sector it could work […]

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diversity and inclusion article image 1

February 28, 2020

Diversity and Inclusion: Practical lessons

How can you raise awareness of diversity equality and inclusion in your organsation? Full report on best practice and lessons learned from Practicus workshop event with HR leaders.

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