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Sophia Khimji, Practicus's Director of Consulting in Asia, looks at best practice for getting the most out of knowledge management. 

Knowledge management is a commonly misunderstood discipline in Hong Kong and, indeed, the wider world. I’ve found it quite interesting hearing the many myths that surround the topic.

We’ve worked on many client initiatives to improve knowledge management and frankly, these myths are a big concern. They undermine the investment the organisation is making and I hope that by laying out some best practices I can help to improve the effectiveness of your organisation’s projects and programmes. 

You can read the full article by downloading the pdf below.

The article is also featured in issue 42 of the British Chamber of Commerce Magazine, which can be downloaded here: 

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Sophia Khimji
Director – Consulting, Asia

Sophia is a result orientated, dynamic, committed management consultant with experience in successfully driving change and managing complex programmes.