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Launching a best-in-class mobile application using Agile


In order to improve customer experience and convenience, our client wanted to replace an outdated mobile application with a best-in-class example. To achieve its one year timeframe, Practicus was asked to drive delivery.


The key objective of the engagement was to drive delivery of the application in an Agile/Scrum environment and ultimately launch it to the insurer’s customers. Practicus worked to overcome challenges associated with low internal Agile maturity by integrating with client teams and demonstrating leadership and analytical expertise. This included supporting change management activities to enable full internal adoption of the approach and the application. Originally, the client requested the new application should inherit features from the existing one. However, Practicus validated these requirements and identified that they would offer little to no value. As a result, Practicus offered alternative solutions that were agreed upon, allowing the project team to focus on initiatives that would add more value to the business.


Within one year, the application was soft-launched internally and went live with a Minimum Viable Product 5 months later. The application was positively received with a 100% conversion rate during the soft launch and a steady on-going adoption rate.