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Community FAQ

What skills capability do we have?

We have a whole host of individual Subject Matter Experts across our community, but collectively we represent a much more significant force. Our community comprises Transformation Experts, Programme Managers, Project Managers, Change Managers and Business Analysts. When we share ‘best practice’ and ‘real-world’ delivery experience amongst the community, everyone learns at an accelerated rate, ensuring our knowledge base is deep, broad and, above all, current.

Do you use set methodologies?

Our clients don’t hire us to preach process to them. They don’t favour dogmatic approaches to methodology and nor do we. We are pragmatists who bring the appropriate approach and method based on our client need. As you’d expect we have a wealth of expertise across Prince 2, MSP, Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma, but we’re about tailoring rather than retro fitting and see methodology as a tool, not a way of life.

How does it work?

The Community is supported by a Practice structure covering Business Advisory, IT Advisory and Delivery. These divisions allow us to define where our Practitioners best fit in terms of their skill set to ensure they are engaged on the most relevant projects. Each Practice has a Director responsible for its output and they are a regular point of contact, leader and mentor to our Practitioners during any piece of work.

The community itself is cared for by our Community Manager, who provides first hand support to all of our practitioners throughout their journey with Practicus. They will help embed you into the community, share with you our culture, values and promises, introduce you to fellow members and advocate your profile internally. This acts as a great way to sustain continuity of work on Practicus led assignments and helps keep you engaged on back to back projects.

How do you ensure the quality of Practitioners in the community?

To ensure the Quality and talent of our people, every practitioner, whether Consulting, Fixed Term or Permanent, must complete a rigorous qualification process ahead of any assignment, involving a detailed Induction and Mobilisation Day. This is to ensure there is a seamless client experience when engaging with any of our practitioners in the community, that values are aligned and that there’s clarity on the Promises we commit to our client.

There are also Permanent Engagement Directors that oversee and ensure quality of delivery on every client engagement. They hold 15 years + experience across the 3 practices and can provide substantial knowledge within any Project environment.

How would I become a Community Member?

Entry into our practitioner community is by invitation only, it’s an opportunity reserved for the best and most consistent performing professionals within our network. It is exclusive, but it’s certainly not elitist. All those within the Community have had successful careers, going the extra mile to deliver projects and sustainable change for clients.   

To successfully become a member of the community you will have gone through several detailed interview stages and meetings with Practice and Engagement Directors. This process is exactly the same for both our retained and perm staff to ensure that anyone joining our community are the right people to represent our brand.

You will then complete a thorough Induction Day for Practicus and a mobilisation day before your first assignment. Upon completion of these important processes, you will then be entitled to all the benefits of being an active community member.

If you wish to express interest, please contact Kevin Reid on +852 2290 5777.