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Sophia Khimji

Sophia leads the Operational Excellence and Account Management functions of the Hong Kong business. A seasoned consultant, Sophia crafts bespoke solutions collaboratively with clients to create sustainable outcomes.

As a qualified optometrist, Sophia started her professional life in healthcare for the public sector in the UK. From there, she joined Deloitte Consulting in London and worked as a management consultant in their Strategic and Programme Leadership Practice. On moving to Hong Kong in 2011, Sophia launched an online ecommerce business, demonstrating her natural ability to form relationships with vendors and clients whilst also being an effective operator to ensure costs were managed efficiently for a small business.

When Sophia was approached to join Practicus in 2013, it was effectively a start up in Hong Kong. She has been able to combine her consulting skills with entrepreneurship in a new market and has played a key role in growing the business to its current position as a serious market player in Asia.