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I spent 16 years trying to chase consultants out of the building. I’ve even called security to try and get rid of them. So why did I choose to become one?

Before I joined the community at Practicus, I didn’t have the best of experiences dealing with consultants. I was working as a project manager at a major oil and gas organisation and I, like many others, thought consultants were overpriced nuisances with underwhelming solutions. Yet my journey to becoming a consultant has been insightful – along the way, I’ve come to realise that there are some unfair but pervasive myths that give consultancy its negative reputation.

You can read my breakdown of three of these myths by downloading the pdf below.

Niall Martin

Niall Martin
Outcome Delivery Manager

Niall has delivered global projects with diverse stakeholders and,since February 2015, has been working in the Financial Services Sector as an Outcome Delivery Manager for Practicus.