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Why is collaboration important? In his latest article, Practicus Partner Nick Faure examines the fundamental role of human-to-human collaboration in good consulting and how the industry is losing its edge through over productisation and needless rivalry.

As a French person, I need to be very careful with terms like ‘collaboration’ and ‘collaborator’. It bears all kinds of negative connotations for very good reasons dating back to the Second World War. In business though, saying ‘I am a collaborator’ has a very different meaning. That meaning is positive but that’s not to say everyone knows how to collaborate.

My work, and the work of many other consultants involves human-to-human interaction at its heart. While we may wear many hats - coach, adviser, subject matter expert, programme manager, change manager etc. - these ‘hats’ do not define what it means to be a consultant. Talking with people face-to-face, helping them to understand their organisational goals and helping them work towards achieving them – that is what it is all about. If we look at the origins of the word consultant this shouldn’t be a surprise. Consultant, comes from the Latin consultare which means, “to discuss”, i.e. you talk with, you collaborate with on a challenge, combining your thinking with theirs.

Collaborating with your clients, peers and competitors has huge advantages for everyone. In every relationship, clear and close cooperation helps bring a clarity and understanding that ensures trust is maintained. And in a world dominated by technology, processes and a growing social disconnect, Human-to-Human collaboration (H2H collaboration) is gaining traction across the business world as more organisations are realising the benefits of cooperation over rivalry amongst their staff and, increasingly, with their competitors.

But when I look at the consulting world, I am disappointed that we’re not at the forefront of this trend. Given the very nature of our work, we should be.

You can read the full article by downloading the pdf below.

Nick Faure

Nicolas Faure
Energy & Utilities Partner

With over 20 years' experience delivering programmes for global companies, Nick believes in truly understanding customers' needs, and working together to develop fit-for-purpose approaches.