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Practitioner Gary Boyle examines how risk management can negatively impact IT projects.

Few can doubt that managing risk with important projects is a good idea. If nothing else, studies by the University of Oxford show that 17% of large IT projects go so badly they threaten the very existence of the company involved. So from what standpoint do I intend to criticise the practice of project risk management? 

Certainly, I will find myself crossing words with a few friends on this matter. My comrades at the Project Management Institute are keen to point out that organisations that always use risk management practices are 13 percentage points more likely to meet the original business goal, 15 percentage points more likely to finish on time and 13 percentage points more likely to finish within budget.

Common sense and the statistics are against me then. So where exactly do I get off suggesting that risk management is killing IT project delivery?

You can read my full thoughts by downloading the pdf below.

Gary Boyle

Gary Boyle
Programme Director

Gary is a senior programme director and experienced operational executive who leads strategic transformation in blue chip businesses.