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Deborah Feakins, the outgoing Head of the UK’s Change Management Institute, has been asked to contribute to an article by the Health Service Journal – known fondly throughout the NHS as the “HSJ”.

It’s a tricky topic: what, if anything, has the NHS got to learn from other industries?

There are of course no shortages of pundits to tell the NHS what to do, how to do it or who it should be more like. However, what’s often missing in the dialogue is a dispassionate view from change experts, utilising their experience to provide practical insight.

“Right now, there are all sorts of industries and areas talking to each other,” says Deborah, “Often with apparently little in common. But when they start talking, they realise how much they have to learn from each other.”

Deborah Feakins believes that there is merit in NHS organisations looking to other sectors, as well as internally, to seek out best practice and successful approaches. This can involve learning directly from other industries or calling on third parties that have been involved in change in the NHS and other sectors.

“You don’t always need to bring in external help, but it can be a real benefit,” she says. “You may want to use mixed teams, but sometimes external people have direct experience of the type of change you are trying to bring about, which is not always available within the organisation.”

Her advice?

  • connect with other industries through the Change Management Institute;
  • get help from niche providers that have successfully made the same change and get them to teach staff how to make it stick; and
  • build and extend your own capacity for change.

You can read the full article over at the HSJ: http://www.hsj.co.uk/home/innovation-and-efficiency/watch-and-learn-what-the-nhs-has-got-to-learn-from-other-industries/5081988.article?blocktitle=Change-Challenge&contentID=16053