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Outcome Delivery Director Robert Mason examines how expertise from external project managers can complement training of internal staff.

All businesses are required to deliver challenging projects or programmes at some point, which requires some specialist skills that your internal staff may lack. When that time comes, what do you do?

Many businesses think that the answer is simple: send your internal people on a brief training course and they will have the capability they need to deliver the project goal, tackling all the challenges that will be thrown at them. Yet even with the best training available, there is one thing your staff will invariably lack and certainly require: experience.

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Robert Mason

Robert Mason
Outcome Delivery Director

Robert is a qualified Programme and Project Manager with significant business change and consultancy experience. He has specialist expertise around programme recovery and is someone our clients have come to depend upon to ensure the right programme management approach is in place to achieve the right outcome. He is also University Liaison Officer for the Project Management Institute in the UK, helping students and leaders to grow and develop.