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If you're currently using a consulting partner, there's a good chance it hasn't changed its fundamental business model in decades. Practicus Partner Nicolas Faure examines the growing gap between the industry and the customers it serves.

The year is 1998. France has just won the world cup. Google is founded. An American President is impeached. Britney Spears releases “hit me baby one more time”. And a young Frenchman has just decided to become a consultant.

Things were straightforward for me. My mobile phone just made calls; the television just played broadcast TV. My PC was strictly for spreadsheets and word processing – although something called the “information super highway” was promising that I could one day buy my groceries through it. Nevertheless, I was reassured by a world of clear purpose.

Things were similarly straightforward for the buyers of consultancy services. There was really only one kind of consultant, the kind that came in to advise a boardroom on the fundamental shift required to their five year strategy. But just as with computers, consultancies were about to diversify their functions dramatically.

In 20 years, I have seen the industry change from the rise of all-powerful integrated firms to the emergence of smaller niche outfits and the development of an independent workforce.

Today we find consultants in all areas of a business, from implementing new systems in IT to creating new ways of driving employee engagement in HR. We even have consultants for facilities and waste management. You name it, there’s probably someone providing expert advice on it. And not just advice either. Increasingly, consultants are called upon to get stuck in - to do and to work collaboratively with client staff to demonstrate how things can be done better.

Yes, many of the big players still exist but proportionally they have not kept pace with the size of the overall market and its expanding frontiers. Why not?

Read the attached PDF to discover our dissection of the traditional consulting model and the potential of the alternative consultancy.

Nick Faure

Nicolas Faure
Energy & Utilities Partner

With over 20 years' experience delivering programmes for global companies, Nick believes in truly understanding customers' needs, and working together to develop fit-for-purpose approaches.