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Deborah Feakins examines how change managers can better help staff and colleagues to embrace change.

I’ve talked in previous articles about what change management is and how to measure your success. What I’ve mentioned very little about so far is how to actually do it, particularly that most difficult part, winning hearts and minds. After all, if the changes aren’t embraced by the people who will use new structures, processes, systems and ways of thinking – there will be no change.

Beyond the theory of change management, the ability to communicate and influence people is probably the most important tool that a change manager has at her disposal.
Unfortunately, “good” in this area is poorly defined.

The work of my colleagues at the Change Management Institute has done much to professionalise the discipline and define the competencies and bodies of knowledge needed to succeed. But we’re a long way from the clarity and understanding that other disciplines have achieved. Consequently, many clients and recruiters struggle to identify good change managers –and even change mangers themselves have a hard time articulating what makes them special.

So what does it take to be “good” in practice? You can read my full take by downloading the attached pdf.

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Deborah Feakins
Change Management Expert

Passionate about Change Management with experience across sectors including Oil & Gas, Media and Pharmaceuticals. Deborah is a Change Management Institute Assessor for Foundation & Master levels.