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With the dual challenges of austerity and transitioning to the new commissioning system, NHS organisations have seen huge changes over the past few years.

For the NHS, improving quality and delivering more efficient, effective and affordable care is a key goal. Our goal is to support you in achieving this in any way we can. We have considerable experience with NHS change management and transformation across the NHS, particularly around strategic planning and commissioning but also around driving cost savings without negative effects on patient care. 

Practicus currently works managing change with a great number of NHS organisations, such as the Department of Health, CCGs, CSUs, NHS Trusts (acute, ambulance, community and mental health) and FTs.

NHS Non-medical, Non-clincal Agreement

Crown Commercial Service LogoThe Crown Commercial Service’s Non-Medical, Non Clinical agreement is fully EU compliant and provides easy access to Practicus’s interim management services under the arrangement, saving you time and ensuring value for money.  

To find out more about how the NHS benefits from our capabilities, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

five year forward view

NHS Confed thumbnailEngaging with the right partner for interim expertise can help you address challenges quickly and cost-effectively. To find out more about how Practicus can support your organisation with addressing the Five Year Forward View, please download our pdf.

East/South East England

If you are based in the East of England, South East, Thames Valley or London, please contact one of our NHS sector specialists below:

Jessica Tabern - Engagement Director (health)

Jessica TabernTel: 01491 577122
Direct: 01491 637073

Email: Jessica.Tabern@practicus.co.uk
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicatabern

alex high - consultant - (Interim management)

Alex HighTel: 01491 577122
Direct: 01491 637073

Email: Alex.High@practicus.com
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/alexh5

christian hartland - consultant - (Interim management)

Christian HartlandTel: 01491 577122
Direct: 01491 637071 

Email: christian.hartland@practicus.com
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/christian-hartland-b152a743

emma gilder - consultant - (Interim management)

Emma GilderTel: 01491 577122
Direct: 01491 637063 

Email: emma.gilder@practicus.com
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/emmagilder

mark payne - principle consultant - (Interim management)

Mark PayneTel: 01491 577122
Direct: 01491 637070 

Email: mark.payne@practicus.co.uk
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/markpayneatpracticus 

matthew stevenson - principle consultant - (Interim management)

Matthew StevensonTel: 01491 577122
Direct: 01491 637062 

Email: matthew.stevenson@practicus.co.uk
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/matthew-stevenson-88822744

sam young - senior consultant - (Interim management)

Sam YoungTel: 01491 577122
Direct: 01491 637093 

Email: sam.young@practicus.co.uk
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/samyoung1

sian williams - principle consultant - (Interim management)

Sian WilliamsTel: 01491 577122
Direct: 01491 637075 

Email: sian.williams@practicus.co.uk
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/sian-williams-0053b116


If you are based in the West of England and Wales, please contact one of our NHS sector specialists below:

annabel hooton - consultant - (Interim management)

Annabel HootonTel: 0117 922 1777
Direct: 0117 9103789

Email: annabel.hooton@practicus.com
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/annabel-hooton-80ba10b7

lisa lloyd - senior consultant - (Interim management)

Lisa LloydTel: 0117 922 1777

Email: lisa.lloyd@practicus.co.uk
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/lisalloydrecruit

matt brown - senior consultant - (Interim management)

Matt BrownTel: 0117 922 1777
Direct: 01179 103838 

Email: matt.brown@practicus.co.uk
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/matthew-brown-a7b60225

Interim Management Practicus can find the right interim expert for your requirement