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Travel and Leisure IT Transformation Office

The Programme

By partnering with Practicus, this Travel & Leisure company has increased visibility of its IT portfolio, enabling better decision-making and control across its transformation.

The Challenge

In an ever evolving and competitive market, this pioneering travel company launched an IT transformation to revamp travel for the information age. With a portfolio of over 300 projects, our client needed full sight of the portfolio to best control its IT investments and ensure they aligned to strategic goals. Practicus was engaged to both define and deliver a central mechanism that would offer this – the Governance & Planning team.

The Engagement

Practicus deployed subject matter experts to set up the team, along with governance structures, processes and a Project Management toolkit tailored to the needs of the business. This involved an in-depth exercise to consolidate existing approaches used by regional teams, and combine them with Practicus’s own experience to create an effective target operating model. To support client staff, the Project Management toolkit was in the form of a workbook that allowed Project Managers to track plans, risks and issues, budgets and project resources, as well as develop management reports. Practicus worked with the client to develop the initial workbook, and then iterated it as the processes became embedded. With Governance & Planning rolled out across the portfolio, Practicus operated it as a service in collaboration with client resources. It has now been fully handed over in to BAU.

The Outcome

Through delivery and subsequent handover of the Governance & Planning team, our client has gained improved visibility of its IT portfolio to enable better decision-making and control. It is now owned by the organisation and is being continuously improved under internal leadership. The good practices and standards introduced by the Governance & Planning team have supported the increase in internal Project Management capability. This will enable more successful delivery of projects in the future.