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Travel and Leisure CRM Business Case

The Programme

Through collaboration with Practicus, this Travel & Leisure giant successfully reduced the proposed cost of implementing a new CRM product into the UK business by £3 million.

The Challenge

Our client is undergoing huge business change to reinvent travel for the digital age. Part of this transformation is to implement a new CRM product, replace the existing Campaign Management solution and deliver a Single Customer View across the UK market. Following an expensive and failed business case attempt from a third-party consultancy, Practicus was engaged to provide the IT Programme Lead to this CRM initiative to help deliver the solution at reduced costs, to build on existing solutions and utilise more internal resource than a previous proposal.

The Engagement

Practicus led an international team which redesigned the CRM programme business case by analysing components by their cost and effort including CRM development, integration, hardware infrastructure and programme management. The analysis formed the basis of a business case that proposed to standardise CRM across the group at a reduced cost. After successful presentation of the business case to the UK management team, the CRM programme budgets were approved for the next two years. The team then put a plan together to roll out the new CRM product across the UK and are currently mobilising, with statements of work in place. The key outputs and deliverables from the programme included the business case as well as mobilisation plans for the programme, change readiness and stakeholder management.

The Outcome

The approved business case reduced the proposed cost of the CRM programme by £3+ million in comparison to a previous business case. The team successfully gained alignment across the business and IT. It has achieved clarity and agreement on what activities need to be done with the CRM programme, how and over what timeframe. As a result, our client is better able to approach and mobilise the programme internally.