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Oil and Gas Asset Management System

The Programme

With Programme Management support from Practicus, this Oil & Gas company successfully stabilised and enhanced its asset management system to better serve the business.

The Challenge

To effectively manage its multimillion dollar inventory, our client’s enterprise asset management system needed drastic improvement. The system was historically unreliable, wasting valuable time and prompting a volume of operational issues to be frequently brought to the attention of the CIO. Our client initiated a programme designed to remove the problems, stabilise the system and then enhance it to better serve the business. Practicus provided Programme Management direction to both turnaround and lead the successful transformation.

The Engagement

Previously, a number of different projects had been initiated to stabilise the system. These projects were integrated to develop consolidated plans, budgets and reports, with appropriate governance approved by the executive team. It was then delivered by an integrated team of internal staff and external vendors, who were responsible for stabilising the system, introducing enhancements, developing training initiatives and reviewing future options.

The Outcome

With the asset management system successfully stabilised, enhancements have been delivered to improve its use across the business. This has brought about improved response times and a reduction in major incidents, allowing our client to benefit from a ~70% reduction in P1 and P2 tickets, a reduction in time taken for a user to log in from an average of 1m20 to 15 seconds and an increase in message flow rate by a factor of 10.