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Introducing omni-channel & Total Customer View


Implement an omni-channel approach in order to create a more seamless customer experience for a global travel company.

Customer data was stored in numerous different locations, including individual retail outlets (each with their own system), contact centres and the main marketing database. The systems did not integrate, giving no single point of access to customer data. 


Practicus was engaged to set up the programme and deliver quick wins, which were essentially made up of two components:

  • Cleanse and increase visibility of data - This included aggregating data from various applications and overlaying it on the main customer database, augmenting the data with a customer transaction summary record and then making it available to retail store users
  • Develop prototype omni-channel platform - This involved enabling applications to talk to one another with a new API and creating a graphical user interface that would integrate the many disparate systems to give users a single coherent view of the customer. 

Practicus used clear programme design to construct workstreams, recruit and develop a productive delivery team and coordinate data design, agile development activities, data migration, testing and deployment. It also included setting up strong governance, achieving a functional model to confirm that all functionality could and would be delivered as part of planned sprints and a Blockers method to highlight, communicate and remediate design and delivery issues.


  • £4-8m Predicted Revenue growth – from better targeted cross-selling, higher data quality and improved customer service
  • Golden Customer Record – providing a single view of customer data across all platforms
  • Omni-channel Approach – a piloted prototype that will provide a more consistent customer experience and higher levels of satisfaction
  • Comprehensive programme plan and set up – the client was highly impressed, commenting that they had never seen a programme plan so comprehensive.