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Health Insurance Broker and Digital Product Launch

The Programme

Through partnership with Practicus, this Health Insurer was able to roll out new products via multiple channels to international markets using a new, integrated digital platform

The Challenge

To cement its position as the world leader in health insurance, our client launched a strategy to transform its global business by 2020. Not only would this transformation bring new propositions, it would also help our client realise its full potential in customer service. Practicus was engaged to manage the launch of technology to roll out new products via Digital and Broker channels to the UK and Hong Kong markets. This would use a completely new integrated digital platform.

The Engagement

We helped prompt plan realignment and ensure synchronised delivery before the problems were realised.Acting as the conduit between global client teams and third parties, we provided clarity and focus on the required outcomes. This included liaising with IT to ready the infrastructure, UAT to complete testing and Digital to structure, scope and deliver content and code for the new website. We then worked with the internal Managed Service team to prepare it to support from day one.

The Outcome

The project successfully launched new premium products on the global website for both the Hong Kong and UK markets. It has enabled additional sales channels and provided the foundation for a full global and digital roll out. As a result, our client will be better able to support its customers on a local level.Additionally, the project has helped to increase the business’ confidence in IT delivery. Despite being re-planned at least twice, the Practicus team provided leadership and management to deliver at a higher level of confidence than previous attempts.