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Government Emergency Information System

The Programme

By engaging Practicus, this Government Department will be better prepared for the next bushfire season with a Management System that meets business and community expectations.

The Challenge

As a direct response to recommendations made after disastrous bushfires, our client needed more streamlined technology in place that could plan, manage and execute controlled burns as a prevention tactic. Before it went out to market for a new Fuel Management System, it was necessary to understand requirements for the technology and vendor delivering the solution. The development of a Fuel Management System had failed twice before due to incomplete requirements, so this third attempt required a thorough understanding of the project’s needs. Practicus was engaged to support this process.

The Engagement

Practicus deployed a Business Analyst to facilitate workshops to gather and validate requirements from stakeholders, including Enterprise Architecture and Operations teams. Following this, the team developed a requirements specification that was signed off by sponsors. Practicus then supported the building of tender documentation for potential vendors to respond to. Once a vendor is selected, the requirements will be used to inform the future design.

The Outcome

As a result of the engagement, our client is on track to implement a system so it can better manage controlled burns to aid prevention of bushfires. The Department received a high quality requirement specification, allowing it to go to market with a comprehensive set of requirements for the new Fuel Management System.