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Enabling change to a global operating model


An international oil and gas company wished to change its Global Operating Model (GOM) to reflect the trend amongst its customers for standard processes across their global operations. In particular, it wanted to provide the same way of working to its customers regardless of where services were being ordered or delivered. The company had developed much of what it needed to transition to a new way of working, including a new software tool to support standardised processes amongst its inspection team.

However, it rapidly became clear that it required a partner to implement the new GOM and address the required behavioural changes.



Adopting a single GOM is key to securing additional business with core customers. At the time of writing, the first three countries have gone live and are using new ways of working to support the GOM.

A testament to the success of the initial implementation is that previously disparate operations are now embracing the new GOM - with many countries now requesting an accelerated implementation schedule.