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Delivering customer-focused digital products with a new Agile mindset

The challenge

Help the business become more customer-focussed by delivering new digital omni-channel products using Agile. The business was increasingly frustrated with 18 month delivery cycles and missing opportunities to increase benefits using the traditional waterfall delivery methodologies. Practicus was engaged to implement a new way of working using Agile in a way that suited the business and market sector.

As a specialist in HR transformation, Practicus was asked to act as a thought leader and practical delivery partner. The team needed to provide support, control and the assurance that the transformation would deliver its goals.

The engagement

Practicus managed and oversaw the whole programme of work by working with a core team of internal staff and 3rd parties aligned to the Agile approach, and directly engaging with customers to deliver solutions the customers wanted in today’s Digital world. Using a simple phased approach to Define concepts into Design and Build Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to Prove with customers to Scale the solutions globally. This ‘funnel’ approach allowed the business to fail fast and learn lessons for future concepts, and provided the key analytics and KPIs to monitor and prove the results that would allow successful MVPs to scale. Practicus managed the programme using the appropriate DEVOPS tools and environments and appropriate governance and reporting.

So far, the new way of working has led the programme to achieve:

  • 114 ideas generated
  • 38 ideas tested with customers
  • 12 MVPs built for customer proving
  • 3 MVPs approved to scale globally

The outcome

Beyond the programme’s results, Practicus has helped to refine a robust model for adoption of an Agile way of working that other areas of the business can adopt. The major benefit to the client has been frequent product deliveries that deliver benefits in a truly iterative manner. In addition, the introduction of Business Product Owners assigned to each project has been fundamental to success: business staff are fully empowered to make decisions, by setting the priorities for each Sprint, attending stand-ups and playbacks and actively working with IT who act as the enabler and deliver to their needs.

The client is so pleased that other business areas from across the global organisation have been invited to look at what the programme is doing, creating a ‘WOW factor’ to excite them into the Agile way of working. In their own words, “We have changed from doing Digital to being Digital”.