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Delivering a Corporate Integration in Further Education


Following the merger of two large Further Education institutions, its leadership wanted to leverage efficiencies from integration. Practicus was engaged to deliver the programme. 


Reporting to the Transformation Director, Practicus set up the integration PMO for 52 projects, pulling them together into a cohesive programme of work, defining the change management strategy and mapping the interdependencies between the projects. This also involved creating all of the standardised PMO and project artefacts, governance structures and reporting, as well as producing the integrated programme schedule and delivery plan.

With this in place, Practicus developed a capability-led architectural view of the organisation – enabling senior executives to see clearly the enterprise-wide impacts of the integration and the capability required to reach the target operating model.

Then, in addition to delivering key projects, Practicus managed business process analysis and the training needs of staff involved in delivering the changes. 


Practicus has helped the leadership to quickly and effectively mobilise and deliver an integration programme – one that is on track to realise considerable benefits both in terms of efficiency and the overall strategy of the organisation. Key projects have been delivered and with the programme due for completion in December 2016, Practicus has prepared a detailed library of all key artefacts, tools and templates produced to support the organisation with further business change.